Concrete In Practice (CIP)

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CIP is Promotion through education.

Concrete In Practice is a series of one-page information sheets on important technical topics, written in a non-technical “What, Why and How?” format. Give them to contractors and they’ll know that you deliver quality and value and make them a part of your promotion and education program.

CIP Package (20 Sets of 46 topics): $230 Order

Single Set 
(CIPS) (1 each of the 46 topics): $40 members Order

Individual Topics 
(In packages of 50): $21, Order below

Also available in Spanish (en Espanol).

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Click on title to order English Version PreviewSpanish Version Preview / Order
Dusting Concrete SurfacesCIP 1CIP-ES1 / Order
Scaling Concrete Surfaces CIP 2CIP-ES2 / Order
Crazing Concrete Surfaces CIP 3CIP-ES3/ Order
Cracking Concrete Surfaces CIP 4CIP-ES4 / Order
Plastic Shrinkage Cracking CIP 5CIP-ES5 / Order
Joints in Concrete Slabs on GradeCIP 6CIP-ES6 / Order
Cracks in Residential Basement WallsCIP 7CIP-ES7 / Order
Discrepancies in YieldCIP 8CIP-ES8 / Order
Low Concrete Cylinder StrengthCIP 9CIP-ES9 / Order
Strength of In-Place ConcreteCIP 10CIP-ES10 / Order
Curing In-Place Concrete CIP 11CIP-ES11 / Order
Hot Weather ConcretingCIP 12CIP-ES12 / Order
Blisters on Concrete Slabs CIP 13CIP-ES13 / Order
Finishing Concrete Flatwork CIP 14CIP-ES14 / Order
Chemical Admixtures for Concrete CIP 15CIP-ES15 / Order
Flexural Strength of Concrete CIP 16CIP-ES16 / Order
Flowable Fill CIP 17CIP-ES17 / Order
Radon Resistant Buildings CIP 18CIP-ES18 / Order
Curling of Concrete Slabs CIP 19CIP-ES19 / Order
Delamination of Troweled Concrete Surfaces CIP 20CIP-ES20 / Order
Loss of Air Content In Pumped Concrete CIP 21CIP-ES21 / Order
Grout CIP 22CIP-ES22 / Order
Discoloration CIP 23CIP-ES23 / Order
Synthetic Fibers for Concrete CIP 24CIP-ES24 / Order
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete CIP 25CIP-ES25 / Order
Revised  Jobsite Addition of WaterCIP 26CIP-ES26 / Order
Cold Weather ConcretingCIP 27CIP-ES27 / Order
Concrete Slab Moisture CIP 28CIP-ES28 / Order
Vapor Retarders Under Slabs on GradeCIP 29CIP-ES29 / Order
Revised  Supplementary Cementitious MaterialsCIP 30CIP-ES30 / Order
Revised  Ordering Ready Mixed ConcreteCIP 31CIP-ES31 / Order
Concrete Pre-Construction ConferenceCIP 32CIP-ES32 / Order
High Strength ConcreteCIP 33CIP-ES33 / Order
Making Concrete Cylinders in the FieldCIP 34CIP-ES34 / Order
Testing Compressive Strength of ConcreteCIP 35CIP-ES35 / Order
Structural Lightweight ConcreteCIP 36CIP-ES36 / Order
Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC)CIP 37CIP-ES37 / Order
Pervious ConcreteCIP 38CIP-ES38 / Order
Maturity Methods to Estimate Concrete StrengthCIP 39CIP-ES39 / Order
Aggregate Popouts CIP 40CIP-ES40 / Order
Acceptance Testing of ConcreteCIP 41CIP-ES41 / Order
Thermal Cracking of ConcreteCIP 42
Alkali Aggregate Reactions (AAR)CIP 43
Durability Requirements for ConcreteCIP 44
Revised  Portland Limestone Cement (PLC)CIP 45
NewEnvironmental Product Declaration (EPD)CIP 46

En Espanol

El Concreto En la Práctica, la promoción por la educación

“Concreto en la Practica” (“hormigon en la practica”) es una serie de 41 hojas de información de una página sobre temas técnicos, escritos en un formated en un formato sencillo de entender: (“Que, porqué y cómo?”)

  • 20 Juegos de 41 hojas:
    Miembros de NRMCA: $200 Compra
    No-miembros: $300 Compra
  • Juego Completo (una copia de cada una de 41 hojas):
    Miembros de NRMCA: $40 Compra
    No-miembros: $100 Compra
  • Hojas Individuales (paquetes de 50):
    para miembros de NRMCA. $21  En la lista arriba
    No miembrs: $40  En la lista arrib

CIP’s are copyrighted information by NRMCA and no part of the publication may be reproduced in any form, including photocopying or other electronic means without permission in writing from the NRMCA.

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