NRMCA 2020-2021 Standing Committees

Committee Application Form

*Including committee chair, staff and executive committee liaison.
Updated: March, 2020

Committees in Alphabetical Order:

Audit and Finance Committee

Chair: John Carew
Staff Liaison: Michael Philipps
Executive Committee Liaison: John Carew

Scope and Objectives: 
Work with the president, supervise overall financial affairs of the Association. Recommend to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors revenue and expense budgets and revisions thereof. Responsible for long-range financial planning and planning means of producing revenue, including recommendations on needed changes in the dues structures. Supervision of the finances of the International Concrete and Aggregates Show. Primarily responsible for the relationships with other Associations with which NRMCA has an official financial affiliation. Review conformity with the Associations’ investment policies. Recommend selection of the outside auditor and annual review finances of the Association with the auditor. Primarily responsible for staff compensation and benefits. Recommend overall salary budgets to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors while maintaining reasonable and necessary confidentiality of individual salaries in keeping with the provisions of Article VII, Section 5 of the Bylaws of the Association. In general, to fulfill the responsibilities of the elected Officers of the Association as defined in Article VI, Section 1 of the Bylaws of the Association.

Concrete Promotion Committee

Chair Buildings: John Lee
Vice Chair Buildings: Drew Turner
Staff Liaison: Lionel Lemay
Executive Committee Liaison: Bob Chandler

Chair Local Paving: Hank Hauge
Vice Chair Local Paving: Corey Zollinger
Staff Liaison: Brian Killingsworth
Executive Committee Liaison: Hall Chaney

Chair Sustainability: Herbert Burton
Vice Chair Sustainability: Hernan Perez
Staff Liaison: Lionel Lemay
Executive Committee Liaison: Brian Gray

Scope and Objectives:
The NRMCA Concrete Promotion Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining a unified, on-going, nationally directed promotion program for the ready mixed concrete industry. The primary objective of this program is to assist the industry in the promotion and extension of the use of ready mixed concrete.

Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Nathan McKean
Vice Chair: Joseph Ferrara
Staff Liaison: Andrew Tyrrell
Executive Committee Liaison: John Malcolm

Scope and Objectives:
To assist the Association in monitoring and evaluating federal legislative and regulatory issues of concern to the industry; to help in formulating and implementing Association policy as determined by the Board of Directors; and to aid the Government Affairs staff by providing specific industry involvement and assistance with respect to statements and testimony presented before congressional committees and federal regulatory bodies.

*Political Action Committee

Chair: Michael LeMonds
Vice Chair: Vacant
Staff Liaison: Andrew Tyrrell
Executive Committee Liaison: John Malcolm

Scope and Objectives:
CONCRETEPAC is the political action committee (PAC) for NRMCA. Its sole objective is to support NRMCA’s issue-driven advocacy platform in order to achieve a more secure and beneficial future for the ready mixed industry.

Membership Committee

Chair: Ric Suzio
Staff Liaison: Nicole Maher
Executive Committee Liaison: Melanie O’Regan

Scope and Objectives:
Responsible for the planning and assisting with membership promotion and retention campaigns and the establishment of association procedures and policies that relate to membership promotion.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Ric Suzio
Staff Liaison: Michael Philipps
Executive Committee Liaison: Bill Sandbrook

Scope and Objectives:
Submit nominations at opening session of Annual Convention for 16 representatives of active members for election to the Board of Directors and Nominees for the offices of Chairman of the Board, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer. Submit nominations to the Board of Directors at their Annual Convention Meeting for 7 nominees from among elected members of the Board to serve as members of the Executive Committee with Association Officers. Responsible also for recommending to the Board of Directors nominees to fill vacancies occurring on the Board, on the Executive among Officers of the Association where such vacancies occur because of death, resignation, or removal from office.

Research, Engineering and Standards Committee

Chair: John Cook
Vice Chair: Vacant
Staff Liaison: Colin Lobo
Executive Committee Liaison: John Holliday

Scope and Objectives:
To coordinate all standardization activities of the NRMCA including the development of specifications and recommended practices; to support and promulgate the use of performance based specifications through the P2P initiative; to review and submit recommendations to the Board regarding procedures and policy for certification of production facilities, personnel and testing agencies and equipment standards; to maintain close contact and cooperation with other standardization bodies such as ACI, ASTM and transportation agencies in representing the ready mixed concrete industry; to coordinate the technical education program of the Association; to review, and help establish priorities for the research activities at the NRMCA Research Laboratory; to develop new technical publications, programs of research and education; to facilitate information dispersal and consultation on technical matters with industry members and customers; to develop ideas and to be available for technical consultation for technical research and education supported by the RMC Research & Education Foundation.

Safety, Environmental and Operations Committee

Chair: Dale Kotzea
Vice Chair: Mike Brekken
Staff Liaison: Gary Mullings
Executive Committee Liaison: Adam Manatt

Scope and Objectives:
The Committee on Safety, Environmental and Operations (SEO) provides a forum for the interchange of ideas relating to safety, equipment maintenance, environmental compliance, production and distribution, and the training of personnel in the ready mixed concrete industry. The committee advocates and reports on regulatory issues involving, in part, the Department of Labor, National Labor Relations Board, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Treasury. The committee also develops issue papers, authors comments on rulemakings and monitors all regulatory actions. The committee helps coordinate the annual NRMCA ConcreteWorks event and is responsible for the annual NRMCA National Mixer Driver Championship. The SEO committee has responsibility for the development of publications for operations, environmental and safety personnel. The committee conducts annual surveys including the Safety Contest and Safety Benchmarking Survey, Fleet Benchmarking Survey and Regulatory Survey. The SEO committee provides content expertise to develop and deliver industry specific safety, environmental and operations related training courses. As well, the SEO Committee is responsible for a number of industry recognition programs including the Annual Safety Award, Driver of the Year Award, Environmental Excellence Awards, and the Joseph E. Carpenter Award.

Workforce Development Committee

Co-Chair: Barbi Brown
Co-Chair: Steve Antonoff
Staff Liaison: Eileen Dickson
Executive Committee Liaison: Filiberto Ruiz

Scope and Objectives:
Support the practice of attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of the ready mixed concrete industry, its organizations, and their employees as individuals. Support the workforce through encompassing career-centric programs, including leadership development and functional job certification programs. Create, evaluate, and conduct applicable job skill classes, as well as produce education-related publications, with the goal of disseminating knowledge and best practices. Award producers’ internal career development efforts. Outreach to academic institutions who attract and train new people who will apply high-level skills that serve the industry. Support human resource professionals’ strategic organizational role and provide them a forum to address HR federal public policy, labor and employment laws and regulations. Collect data in the annual Mixer Driver Recruitment and Retention Survey and Compensation Survey. Accumulate information on new developments and techniques in the areas of financial and administrative practices as well as management of the annual Industry Data Survey. Coordinate programs and activities of a common interest to NRMCA and allied state, international and construction industry organizations and to build alliances with these organizations to the greatest extent practicable.


Manufacturers, Products & Services (MPS) Division

  • Chair: Monty Newport
  • Vice Chair: Pierre Villere
  • Staff Liaison: Nicole Maher
  • Executive Committee Liaison: Lawrence Abbott

Materials Division

  • Chair: David Ojeda
  • Vice Chair: Neil Sheehan
  • Staff Liaison: Nicole Maher
  • Executive Committee Liaison: John Holliday

Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau

  • Chair: Jeff Bryan
  • Vice Chair: Michael Redmond
  • Staff Liaison: Kevin Walgenbach
  • Executive Committee Liaison: John Carew

Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau

  • Chair: Mathew Walter
  • Vice Chair: Vacant
  • Staff Liaison: Kevin Walgenbach
  • Executive Committee Liaison: John Carew

Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau

  • Chair: Jerry Stoner
  • Vice Chair: Steve Fillmore
  • Staff Liaison: Kevin Walgenbach
  • Executive Committee Liaison: John Holliday

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