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Concrete Delivery Professional Certification (CDP) Online Certification Program

This short video was made in order to provide you with an overview of NRMCA’s CDP-Online program.


In these challenging times when every cubic yard delivered well is critical, CDP Online gives your front-line representatives the advantage of being the most efficient, skilled and productive driving force representing your business.

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CDP Online Certification Provides the Following Benefits:

  • Individual participants work at their own pace and on their own schedule, providing flexibility and convenience to both the company and drivers. 
  • The program is totally self-directed so a supervisor or company trainer is not needed.
  • CDP-Online has a convenient start/stop feature, making the new program adaptable to the variable work schedule of a typical ready mixed concrete driver.
  • Exams are online as well, so the requirement for third-party exam proctors has been eliminated, saving your company time and money.
  • The updated curriculum meets all new industry codes and standards.

The value of even the best internal training program can be enhanced by the validation of NRMCA’s Concrete Delivery Professional certification. This program provides a competitive advantage by assuring customers that your mixer drivers are introduced to industry operation standards so your customers can expect the highest level of professionalism.

CDP Registration Details

Pricing Information and Purchase Options

Online Course & Exam: Members: $110 | Non-Members: $110

Online Course, Exam & Printed CDP Workbook: Members: $150 | Non-Members: $250

Each Exam Costs $110 to Re-Take

Program Policy (PDF)

Students must complete the online course within 30 days of purchase

I am new to CDP Certification and would like to get certified

Please select from the options below in order to enter NRMCA’s E-Store and purchase the CDP certification program.

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CDP Frequently Asked Questions

I am an administrator from a ready mixed producer — Can I sign up more than one driver at a time for CDP? Yes, the online purchase system and procedures have been optimized to allow multiple drivers to be signed up and paid for at one time. We recommend you contact Shawnita Dickens of NRMCA (703-706-4854) when you are ready to begin the registration process as she can assist in making the process as simple as possible.

I am a driver and have been asked by my company to sign-up for CDP just for myself — Can I do that? Yes, you can go through the online purchase and set-up process just for yourself, but keep in mind that the process was created for multiple sign-ups at one time. We recommend you contact Shawnita Dickens of NRMCA (703-706-4854) when you are ready to begin the registration process so she can assist in making the process as simple as possible.

How do I know if I am already registered with NRMCA for immediate login to the online store? How can I be sure to get NRMCA-member pricing? If your company is an NRMCA member and you personally receive emails occasionally from NRMCA, then you are already registered. Try entering your email as the user name and CONCRETE as the password. If you know you are registered at NRMCA but have changed your password and cannot remember it, click on “Reset Your Password.” If you are with a member company and neither of these work, or if you are not sure if your company is a member, we recommend you contact Amanda Muller of NRMCA (703-706-4838). If you are not with a member company, click on “Click here to register.”

Why was I charged a $5 mailing or handling fee for the CDP online training? NRMCA’s online purchase system is programmed to make this charge, but please note that $5 has been deducted from the price of the training so that total amount should be what you were expecting.

What happens after I make the CDP purchase? You will receive an email order confirmation for the purchase and a second email with this subject line: Log-in information for CDP Online. You should receive these emails within 15 minutes of the purchase. This second email includes a new link and a user name and password for you to enter information about the one or more drivers for which you made the CDP purchase. After entering this information, each driver will receive an email providing access to the NRMCA Online Academy site.

What if our drivers don’t have their own email addresses? The email addresses entered for multiple drivers can be a single company or plant email address. Even with the same email address, separate emails will be sent for each registered driver and the login information provided for access to the Online Academy site will be specific to individual drivers. Drivers must use unique logins when accessing the CDP training.

What can we do to make the CDP online process as simple as possible for drivers? Please alert drivers that they will likely visit the Online Academy site several times during CDP training and they should be sure to keep track of both the URL for the site and of their user name and password. The web address of the online Academy is We also suggest to drivers that they contact Shawnita Dickens of NRMCA (703-706-4854) if they need assistance.

How does training and certification work on the NRMCA Online Academy site? After login, drivers will be presented with a home page where they select any of the five CDP modules. Drivers can then choose training lessons, review questions or exams. The training lessons are organized around narrated slideshows that can be reviewed and repeated by the driver. Review questions help the driver gauge whether the module information has been understood and serve as preparation for the exam. CDP certification is achieved by passing the exam with a 70% grade or higher. Drivers can view the lessons and review questions as often as they like within 30 days of registration. Access to the course and exam will not be available after the 30 day window.

NRMCA’s 2023 Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV

March 10 – 13, 2023

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