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Mission Statement:

Think First, an investment in the safety of the ready mixed concrete industry’s workforce.


The Think First campaign is an industry-wide focus dedicated to creating and enhancing a steadfast culture of safe work practices by emphasizing thoughtful and strategic actions throughout operational tasks. Safe operations require an industry’s workforce to Think First. This focus, in turn, decreases injuries, illnesses and fatalities while increasing worker retention, positive workplace morale and an unencumbered manufacturing process. Safe work practices and workplaces cultivate a more prosperous industry. This ultimate goal of Think First is achieved through:

  • Encouragement of utilizing and committing to safe work practices;
  • Education of industry workers and companies about safe work practices; and
  • Recognition of industry safe work practices in order to help continually encourage and educate the industry on the importance of safe work practices.

Safety fosters safety. Think First.

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Top 10 Think First NRMCA Safety Practices for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry

  1. Listen
  2. Communicate
  3. Sober working is safe working
  4. Always wear your seatbelt
  5. Make your first move forward
  6. Know the hazards before starting a task
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) only works when used
  8. Always use 3 points of contact
  9. Shortcuts are dangerous
  10. Stay alert and focused

Think First.

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