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NRMCA believes professional development across the ranks assures the industry has a bright future. Most importantly, all training is immersed in the context of the ready-mixed concrete industry. Therefore, courses, workshops, and online opportunities provide meaningful work-related knowledge and immediately usable skills for producers’ employees. Examples are presented in the day-to-day environment of a specific job so class takeaways are easier to apply. 

Attendees arrive with many different goals, from very experienced employees sharpening their knowledge, to transitioning employees expanding their scope, to neophytes developing nationally accepted skills for their new job. By the end of an NRMCA class, every participant should have gained a more extensive comprehension that supports job performance and satisfaction, retention, succession planning, and collective team knowledge.

STEPS: A program of classes

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To support long term career development and industry retention NRMCA offers a certification program that concentrates in one of three core ready mixed concrete work categories: operations, technical and sales. Employees complete 120 hours of coursework to gain mastery and insight with immediately applicable skills. Core work is taken through NRMCA while “electives” can be taken through local state associations and other avenues to broaden the candidate’s exposure.

Descriptions and schedules for individual courses certifications follow. For additional information, please email NRMCA’s Education Department Manager, Shawnita Dickens or the Meetings Department.

CCSP Module I: Concrete 101

Overview of ready mixed concrete technical concepts and operations for industry sales and all non-QC staff.

CCSP Module II: Customer Business Knowledge

Customer business knowledge overview of contractor’s business to help for sales reps, sales managers, and area managers not only produce better bids but also provide service value.

CCSP Module III: General Business Knowledge

General Business Knowledge Broad applications overview of critical business concepts used in the RMC business for sales reps and all area managers, focusing on RMC job cost analysis.

CCSP Module IV: Professional Sales Skills

Professional Sales Skills Mid-level staff learns to apply consultative, team-based cross-selling methods in ready mixed concrete situations.

Concrete Delivery Professional Certification (CDP)

The self-paced, online class teaches mixer drivers the specifics of their job beyond professional driving. Technical, environmental, safety, customer service and mixer truck knowledge can give a producer a competitive advantage with drivers exposed to industry operational best practices.

Concrete Durability Course

Covers the fundamental mechanisms that impact concrete durability. Recognize symptoms and learn methods to evaluate deterioration of concrete; understand the causes of durability problems and methods to prevent them; learn about durability test methods and their limitations; and understand the code and specification criteria for durable concrete structures.

Concrete Technologist Training & Certification (Short Course)

Intense workshop on materials, standards, codes, specifications, mix design calculations for industry technical service reps, QC personnel, and materials suppliers.

Dispatcher Training Forum

Give dispatchers, schedulers, shippers and managers the practical, technical, ready-mixed concrete-specific, customer-centered skills to help them succeed.

Effective RMC Supervisor Course

A supervisor’s job is about more than just getting concrete into trucks and onto the job site. Supervisors manage a workforce, deal with customers, work with peers to build productive relationships across and outside the organization. The Effective RMC Supervisor course’s goal is to equip supervisors with these important concepts and skills.

Environmental Certification Course

This course presents the first real alternative for concrete producers hungry for real “hands-on” information on the rules and regulations that they need to follow. The course, geared for everyone within the concrete industry, from upper management to environmental specialists to plant personnel, has been held all over the country for the past decade.

Handling Concrete Specification, Low Strength Problems, and Mixture Submittals

Covers code and specification requirements (ACI 318, ASTM C94) governing ready mixed concrete, including the new ACI Building Code 318-08 exposure categories. It will suggest specification revisions for all around benefits in performance and cost based on a specification guideline document.

Improving Concrete Quality

This course delves into quantifying tangible and intangible benefits due to improved quality. It discusses variability associated with concrete ingredient materials, manufacturing and testing—means to measure, and thereby, improve concrete quality.

Plant Manager Certification Course

This course is the only one that exists which is specifically designed for plant managers. The course is three days of instruction plus four hours of exam time. Course instruction covers and tests on five individual modules: Plant Safety, Operations, Production Knowledge, Environmental, Business Concepts. Certification required for Army Corps of Engineer projects.

Safety Certification Course

Participants learn about electrical safety, machine guarding, fall protection, hazard communication, confined spaces, personal protective equipment, firefighting and evacuation, chute handling, fleet safety, pre-trip inspection and more.

Think Like an Owner Course

This course for the ready mixed concrete industry teaches its participants about financial management and performance of successful ready mix operations. The course was developed based on insights gleaned from NRMCA’s annual Performance Benchmarking Survey and intended to give participants an overview of the industry, focusing on identifying and addressing the factors that are causing the ready mix industry to see poor returns and deteriorating results in a strong market. The course examines elements of successful firms and teaches participants how to manage profitable operations – from reading and understanding financial statements to thinking in terms of economic profit.

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