Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification

This certification program has been developed to provide the basic knowledge on best practices for placing and finishing concrete flatwork, typically exterior slabs on ground. The goal of certification is to ensure that knowledgeable contractors are selected to install concrete slabs and minimize the potential for failure resulting from installation practices.

This program is not intended for contractor personnel involved in larger projects like construction of large interior floor slabs, streets and local road, mainline paving, or decorative concrete flatwork. Contractors involved in this work may consider programs offered under the ACI Flatwork Finishing Certification or programs offered by other entities.

The program is designed to be administered locally by local sponsoring groups approved by NRMCA who can administer training sessions and facilitate a performance evaluation.

NRMCA provides the content and certification exams to approved local sponsoring groups for administering the certification.

Certification Criteria

NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finisher

  • Attended training course offered by an approved local sponsoring group;
  • Successfully completed a written exam with passing score of 70%;
  • Completed a performance evaluation by a representative of the sponsoring group during an installation of exterior flatwork or on a project;
  • A video viewing and assessment of required skills is a permitted alternative.

There is no expiration of this certification.
An individual who is not successful can request to retake the written exam for a fee.
Certification can be revoked for improper finishing practices – documented and requested by the local sponsoring group or public agency.
NRMCA will maintain a listing of personnel who are certified.

Best Practices for Exterior Flatwork Finishing

The body of knowledge for the written exam and performance evaluation for this certification is contained in:
Best Practices for Exterior Flatwork Finishing;
Text Reference: NRMCA Concrete Exterior Flatwork Finisher Certification

The content covers the following:

  1. Concrete Required for Exterior Flatwork
  2. Placing and Finishing Concrete
  3. Joints
  4. Curing Concrete
  5. Types of Surface Problems and Causes

Spanish versions of the text and exams are available.

Groups wishing to be approved as Local Sponsoring Groups for this program should contact Shawnita Dickens for the application and associated forms to administer the program.

Certification courses and registration fees are established by local sponsoring groups.

List of Approved Local Sponsoring Groups:

Aggregate & Ready Mix Association of Minnesota
Primary Contact: Jhenyffer Asp
Phone: (612) 475-6357
Geographical Area: Minnesota

Delaware Contractors Association
Primary Contact: Jamie Chambers          
Phone: (302) 994-7442
Geographical Area: Delaware

Iowa Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Primary Contact: Steven L. Mallicoat
Phone: (515) 965-4575
Geographical Area: Iowa

Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association, Inc.
Primary Contact: Thomas Evans          
Phone: (301) 694-4899
Geographical Area: Maryland

Massachusetts Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association
Primary Contact: Craig Dauphinais
Phone: (508) 320-9070
Geographical Area: Massachusetts

Northern New England Concrete Association
Primary Contact: Jon Kuell  
Phone: (888) 875-3232
Geographical Area: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont

Pennsylvania Aggregates & Concrete Association
Primary Contact: Tricia Lingenfield
Phone: (717) 234-2603
Geographical Area: Pennsylvania

Tennessee Concrete Association
Primary Contact: Alan Sparkman
Phone: (615) 360-7393
Geographical Area: Tennessee

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