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NRMCA’s Developing Industry Leader (DIL) program offers a limited number of company-nominated middle managers the unique opportunity to network with peers and senior leaders from across the country while also learning about issues (and solutions) facing the ready mixed concrete industry. This is a career-long experience; it is not bound by age or geography or time; it is not a short-term perk. Once the initial two-year program ends, DIL’s are expected to participate in DIL alumni and leadership events as well as other NRMCA activities. Ongoing involvement builds the pipeline of future, industry-knowledgeable leaders. As a result, DIL nominations are driven from within a company. Chosen candidates should be ready to expand their leadership skills over the years through multiple venues throughout the United States. Candidates must be employed by an NRMCA member, NRMCA bureau member, or state affiliate association. The program was founded in 2004 and boasts almost 250 alumni.

Initial Expectations

Once appointed to the annual DIL cohort, participants work via webinars. They will initially prepare to attend NRMCA’s Fall Conference, ConcreteWorks and Mixer Driver Championship. In 2023, it will be in Nashville, TN, September 29-October 3. At ConcreteWorks, DILs attend an exclusive leadership workshop. They also attend the Mixer Driver Championship, committee meetings and seminars where they gain an in-depth, big-picture perspective.

Over the next six months, DILs are divided in small teams, each team works on an industry challenge under the guidance of senior NRMCA staff and an industry DIL mentor. NRMCA staff and an industry DIL mentor for six months via conference call. At the March 2023 NRMCA Convention, teams present their findings to their sponsoring committee. They also publish their work in the industry’s premier journal, Concrete-in-Focus. Later in the spring, the entire cohort regathers for a third time for a multi-day leadership workshop just for them.

Long Term Commitment and Opportunities

Once done with the intense entry-project, individuals are asked to make a long-term commitment to move their team’s initiative(s) forward by joining, and attending, the appropriate NRMCA committee’s meetings twice a year as well as participate in annual DIL alumni events. Additionally, DILs may attend NRMCA’s semi-annual Board Meetings to watch senior level executives deliberate and make both short- and long-term strategic decisions that impact the industry. DIL exclusive events are the foundation of long-term career support. The most distinguished gathering is the Chairman of the Board’s Leadership Summit, a two-day DIL alumni networking and leadership conference. With no age exclusion, middle managers interact with captains-of-the-industry DIL alumni. Additionally, DIL alum host receptions at the Annual Convention and ConcreteWorks. Finally, they have the opportunity to attend the high-profile, annual Spring North American Concrete Alliance Fly-in, in Washington DC. Please note, the DIL program is a long-term, career support program. After the 2-year formal period ends, DIL alumni are expected to mentor other DILs as well as participate in industry events.

Professional Development Credit

Individuals completing the Developing Industry Leaders program may also submit this activity for 12 hours of elective credit toward NRMCA STEPS® certification.

Questions? Contact Kevin Walgenbach, 703-706-4857, for further details.

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