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In today’s integrated construction environment, with pressure from regulators and competing special interests, active and coordinated trade associations provide valuable industry representation at all levels. National and state ready mixed concrete associations have distinct, important and synergistic roles in representing and supporting the industry. Participation at both the local and national level is an essential investment in the future for a successful ready mixed concrete business.

Producer Member Benefits

  • Expand your markets.
  • Improve your operations.
  • Increase your voice in Washington.
  • Direct access to state-of-the-art industry information.
  • Support the industry that supports you.
  • Access to NRMCA professional staff with expertise in Operations, Safety, Engineering, Legislative and Environmental concerns.

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The Benefits of Belonging

Producer Members

A team of professionals ready to help you! NRMCA members consider the association’s professional staff as an extension of their own. Our experts in promotion, educational development, environmental compliance, plant operations, fleet management, safety issues, legislative action and engineering technology are all just a phone call away!

National promotion grows the pie
The NRMCA promotion program is focused on developing relationships with organizations that have national operations and the potential to dramatically increase their use of ready mixed concrete. Because opportunities identified at the national level frequently need follow-up locally, NRMCA field promoters work closely with state associations, regional promotion teams and members. To support this effort NRMCA provides ongoing assistance to local volunteers from member companies that are interested in supporting local promotion.

Advocacy at the Federal level looks out for industry interests
Without strong representation before national lawmakers, the ready mixed concrete industry could be left behind in the shuffle for federal dollars. NRMCA’s professional staff of lobbyists is dedicated to securing favorable legislation that will increase opportunities for local ready mixed concrete producers.

National benchmarking provides actionable information
Each year, NRMCA conducts a number of nationwide statistical surveys on topics such as fleet maintenance, compensation, safety practices, information technology issues and the comprehensive Industry Data Survey. These reports provide NRMCA members with vital operational feedback by which to evaluate and improve company strength and performance.

Environmental expertise works for everyone
NRMCA professionals work to give guidance to local ready mixed concrete producers on changes to federal regulations, and provide information and tools about reporting requirements that help them understand how a simple change in purchasing practices or handling materials may provide regulatory relief.

Safety support that makes a difference
Like environmental regulations, compliance with OSHA requirements can seem daunting. Member companies enjoy the benefit of having a dedicated staff to call on to answer questions, provide tools and training, and give safety compliance guidance.

Comprehensive, tested educational offerings
Without coordination, individual companies could spend millions of dollars developing and implementing their own courses without the benefit of nationally recognized certification. NRMCA has developed a wide range of educational courses for all levels of your staff. Many of these courses result in valuable certifications that could help reduce your insurance costs, improve your competitiveness in bidding and ease regulatory oversight.

Your voice on codes and standards
Without strong representation on codes and standards setting bodies, concrete could lose market share. NRMCA’s participation on all major standards and codes committees counters the aggressive tactics used by the interests of steel, wood and other construction materials. Codes and standards are the backbone of this industry and NRMCA plays an integral part in designing concrete’s future.