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Leadership: Manager’s Game Plan

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With succession planning in a crisis state for many industries, traditional leadership development efforts are dramatically evolving in an attempt to better prepare for the future. Traditionally, leadership development activities were managed as rites of passage, a reward earned, sometimes from achievement, but often simply for long-term organizational membership. It was reserved for an elite few who had been identified as having high potential for advancement. This process helped companies create a small pool of executives from which senior managers could be drawn.

In contrast, leadership development today is increasingly all-inclusive, involving managers and supervisors at all levels, in the process of continuous learning and team development. Through these new processes, our industry will remain vital, flexible and open to opportunities in the competitive environment. The evolved learning-oriented perspective takes advantage of the real value of leadership development by utilizing it as a force for building organizational capability, the ability to maintain both flexibility and focus in a complex, changing environment.

In its role as a vital standard bearer for the industry, NRMCA offers a state-of-the-art, cutting edge, ever-evolving, annual workshop, open to the entire range of ready mixed producers’ and suppliers’ employees. With NRMCA's commitment to applied, industry-specific life-long learning, program, “Manager's Game Plan,” has evolved to become a two-day seminar that provides managers with the practical tools needed to succeed in a fast-paced environment. Understanding one’s one personal management style, strengths and weaknesses, mastering time, leading people, setting goals and staying organized and in control, are just part of the agenda. Brent Strehlow, from TMI Inc., a leadership trainer and executive coach to Fortune 500 companies, facilitates the experience.

The role NRMCA’s program plays in an employee’s development should be part of a corporate leadership development program, which would ideally include continuous learning through which managers at all levels of the organization are involved in ongoing experiences, including education, experiential assignments, team building and coaching/mentoring opportunities. The “Manager’s Game Plan” emphasizes acquiring the tools to facilitate not only individual development, but also implementing corporate strategies through the cultivation of the managerial talents and organizational values essential to long-term competitive effectiveness. This action learning model of leadership development, in which managers learn by doing, is on the forefront of leadership development, so our members’ attempt to promote learning and personal growth through guided processes of real-world problem solving, can happen. We encourage our evolving leaders to become teachers, requiring them to develop their own teachable perspectives with peers and subordinates. This develops employees with the intellectual capital and a hard-to-duplicate advantage based on human resource-based agility.

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