Concrete Technology Career Track

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The primary goal of the Concrete Technology Career Track is to recognize participants with a comprehensive ready mixed concrete technical education that enables them to establish productive careers in the industry. Candidates who complete the career track are deemed to have acquired knowledge of fundamental and advanced topics in ready mixed concrete technology. To this end, the program seeks to impart strong technical competence in fundamental concrete principles along with optional special topics including business principles, operations and sustainability aspects that are relevant to the ready mixed concrete industry. This career track supports the industry’s initiatives towards performance specifications (P2P initiative) by identifying knowledgeable personnel in concrete companies.

Candidates obtaining this certification will have been exposed to knowledge of fundamentals of concrete and concrete making materials, codes and specifications, proportioning concrete mixtures for conventional and special applications, batching, mixing and delivery, handling, placing, and finishing concrete, concrete in hot and cold weather, control tests, quality control, and troubleshooting.

Concrete Technology

Career Track Certification Requirement (120 hours)

Prerequisites (1 of 3 below)*

Required Courses (60 hours)*

Suggested Electives (36 hours)*

Other professional development courses offered by NRMCA or other organizations may be substituted following an evaluation and approval by NRMCA (see CCPf Certification Rules). College classes do not qualify.
Although exams are optional, if “certification” appears in the title of the prerequisite or required courses above, passing the exam is required in order to receive credits towards a CCPf.
**Level 3 Certification obtainable through attendance and exam at the Concrete Technology Training and Certification Program (Technical Short Course).
For Electives – selections should include at least 3 categories from T, O, S or B. (intent is to ensure the content is broad between technical, operations, sustainability and business)
The list of electives can be used for 3-year certification renewal requirements (24 hours).
† Provide session or course title, outline of content, duration and documentation of attendance

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