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Concrete Technology Training and Certification Program
"Technical Short Course"


Next course: To be announced

For more information, contact Karen Bean.

More: Enhance your learning with these products and videos.

NRMCA also conducts a 2-day concrete durability course that covers the fundamental mechanisms that impact durability of concrete. Click here to learn more.

Qualifications: The Short Course covers technical material and includes basic mathematical calculations. Check your math skills with this quick quiz. Click here for quiz.

The Need
To provide industry personnel with quality training on concrete and aggregates technology, which enhances their ability to understand and convey information about their product to their customers.


  • The Technical Short Course has been offered by NRMCA to the industry since 1964.
  • It is offered in fall in Maryland and winter at a regional location in the U.S. The average attendance is 80 people at each course.
  • NRMCA was the first organization to offer a field testing technician certification (now offered by ACI).
  • Nearly 4,000 people have attended the NRMCA Technical Short Course through the years.
  • There are more than 2,400 industry personnel who have obtained NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level 2 or Level 3 certification.

Course Description

The Short Course is a 5-day program, with 4 days of training and the last day for certification exams.

Morning sessions are reserved for classroom instruction and discussions on the following topics:

Fundamentals of Concrete, Ready Mixed Concrete & ASTM C 94, Cement, Fly Ash, Slag & Silica Fume, Aggregates, Chemical Admixtures, Statistical Methods for Data Evaluation, ACI Code & Specification Requirements, Testing Hardened Concrete, Concreting in Extreme Weather, Extended Delivery & Returned Concrete, Quality Control Procedures, Production & Delivery and Handling, Placing & Finishing.

Afternoon sessions include working groups on:

Calculations in concrete and aggregate technology, aggregate moisture, specific gravity, gradations, mixture proportioning, statistical calculations and ACI requirements.

Concrete Laboratory demonstrations and hands-on practice on fresh concrete tests for the ACI Field Testing Technician Grade I Certification.

Virtual Aggregates Laboratory demonstrations and videos on aggregate sampling and test.

Certifications and Testing

The following certifications are offered:

  • ACI Grade I Field Testing Technician
  • ACI Flatwork Technician
  • NRMCA Level 2 Concrete Technologist
  • NRMCA Level 3 Concrete Technologist

NRMCA Certification

  • NRMCA Level 2 - Certified Concrete Technologist. Students must pass the ACI Grade I Field Testing Technician or have a valid ACI card. The applicant must pass an additional 1-hour examination consisting of questions on concrete materials and production practices plus basic mixture proportioning methods and data evaluation procedures. An exam score of at least 75% is required to receive certification. Approximately 60% of those who take the exam pass. NRMCA Level 2 certification expires five years from the date of the exam. See policy for those who obtained certification prior to 2000.

  • NRMCA Level 3 - Certified Concrete Technologist. Qualification for this highest level of NRMCA certification includes successful completion of the NRMCA Level 2 examination and the prerequisite ACI Grade I certification previously described, plus passing an additional two-hour written examination on advanced concrete technology including absolute volume mix proportioning methods, basic statistics as it applies to ACI 318, and quality control, and troubleshooting. An exam score of at least 75% is required to receive certification. Approximately 50% of those who take the exam pass. According to current policy, NRMCA Level 3 certification does not expire.

ACI Certification
Besides the NRMCA certifications, the technical short course administers:

  • ACI Grade I Field Testing Technician
  • Requires passing a performance and written test on 7 ASTM test methods and practices for fresh concrete evaluation.
  • ACI Flatwork Technician Certification
  • Requires passing a 2-hour exam, the content of which is covered in ACI publication CCS-1 Concrete Craftsman Series Slabs on Grade.

This course typically sells out within 3 weeks after it is advertised! Space is limited. To assure a place in the class, register early!

The training for Concrete Technologist Level 2 Certification can be conducted locally by third parties such as state ready mixed concrete associations, local ACI chapters and individual companies. The exam will be administered by NRMCA. Only upon passing the exam will the certification be awarded by NRMCA.



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