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Reduce your risk of both

NRMCA's Concrete Construction Liability Seminar


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Litigation is costly. Even if you prevail, legal fees, trial costs, staff time and potentially damaging publicity can hurt your bottom line. Fortunately, many of the important factors that affect your chances of being sued are under your control.

Attend NRMCA’s new Concrete Construction Liability Seminar, and you’ll learn how to make your contract your first defense against unwarranted quality claims. You will gain insight on how judges and juries decide whether companies have met the required “standard of care” in concrete quality and performance disputes. In addition, the workshop will include a primer on quality control procedures that can help keep legal claims against your company to a minimum. (course schedule)

Featured presenters include Jeffrey W. Coleman, P.E., Esq. and Richard D. Stehly, P.E.

Jeff Coleman is a licensed engineer, an attorney, and an ACI Fellow. Jeff’s engineering experience includes working as a design structural engineer for Ellerbe Associates, Inc. and serving as the architect’s field representative during reconstruction of the collapsed Hartford Coliseum. Jeff is a partner in the Minneapolis law firm of Coleman, Hull, and vanVliet, PLLP. Attendees will receive a copy of Mr. Coleman’s recently authored the book, Legal Issues in Concrete Construction.

Richard Stehly is a licensed civil engineer, author of multiple articles in engineering journals and has delivered over 180 lectures on construction topics to over 20,000 people in 30 countries. Dick is a past president of the Minnesota Geotechnical Society, a member of the board of directors of the American Concrete Institute and a member of the Disaster Investigation Team of the Masonry Society.

Learn how to reduce you liability risks in concrete and contracts.

Cover these important topics with actual case studies


Day 1


8:15–9:45        What is a Contract?  

                      Essential Terms


                      Exclusion of Warranties

9:45–10:00      Break

10:00–10:45    Concrete Testing

10:45–12:00    Limitation of Liability



                      Dispute Resolution


                      Other Terms

                      The “Match This” Contract

                      The “Repair This” Contract

12:00–1:00      Lunch

1:00–1:15        Investigation

                      Petrography Basics

1:15–1:45        Case Studies

1:45-2:15         NRMCA P2P




Day 1 (continued)


2:15-2:30         Air Entrainment and


2:30-3:00         The “Jane Doe” Case RS

                      CSI and Petrography

3:00-3:15         Break

3:15-5:00         Floor Heave -

                      Slab Performance

                       9/11 The Pentagon–                        Concrete Performance

Day 2


8:00-9:30        The Ready Mix Contract-

                      Review of Contract Form


9:30-9:45         Break

9:45-11:45       Water Cement Ratio

                      Pool Expansion

                         (Las Vegas case)

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This is an elective course for the new Certified Concrete Professional (CCP) Operations Certificate career track. Look for more information coming soon.



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