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 A 3-Part Class to Help Boost Sales in Tough Times


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To support the concrete industry’s greatest financial challenge in years, NRMCA offers two cohesive Webinar series to help sales managers and their reps cope with the toughest playing field yet. At the special NRMCA price of $175 for six classes, can you afford not to be registered for these important weekly, one-hour strategy sessions … after all, what is the value of just one great new sales idea?

The first series of three online classes is designed for concrete sales executives and business owners to help their sales reps “hang tough” – find more business, keep up margin and strengthen customer relationships. The second series of three is for the sales reps – even more powerful selling ideas for them.

Tim McMahon (bio)
Catalyst Performance Learning, a member of the
Professional Society of Sales & Marketing Training

Class Series II: The Sales Playbook

To be announced


11 a.m. EST, 1 hour for each class

Sales Executives, Sales Managers and Sales Professionals

Single Series
Sales Playbook
$95 member Price for main registrant
$25 member price for each additional registrant
$195 Non-member price for main registrant
$45 Non member price for each additional registrant

1 credit per class for elective CCPf certification credit 
.01 Continuing Education Unit (CEU)

Following completion of your registration, you will receive instructions for participating in the seminar.

PC-based attendees: Required: Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server. Macintosh®-based attendees: Required: Mac OS® X 10.3.9 (Panther®) or newer.

Class I


*Next Class to be Announced Soon

Class Series I: Concrete Sales Manager Coaching
This is the time to send in plays that fit the new market challenge, that bolster attitudes and invigorate mental outlooks.  With even average performers gone, engaging your remaining best is the key for today and tomorrow.

Part 1
Manage in the Tough Times While Controlling Costs

How do you keep your sales team motivated in the tough times? When bad news seems to follow bad news, it’s easy for any sales rep, no matter how senior, to become “defeated before they’ve even competed”. Vince Lombardi said “confidence is contagious, and so is lack of confidence”. In this session you will learn techniques for motivating your team and maintaining a “yes we can!” attitude.

Part 2
Building a Sales Plan for Tough Times

More than ever you and your sales team need a “business plan” for success. Today’s market requires “right thinking”; that is, making sure we’re always calling on the “right” customers and the right contact with the right message that delivers the right results. In this session, learn how sales organizations create simple but powerful sales plans that get results.

Part 3
Selling in the Red Zone - A Sales Playbook

in football, the “red zone” is the last 20 yards of the field before a score ... and it's considered the place where it is hardest and toughest to move forward, just like today's marketplace. In this session, we will send in 7 "plays" for your red zone sales game plan
…  so get ready to coach with a new sales playbook especially designed for tough times.

Class II



Class Series II: The Sales Playbook
Tools, tips and tactics to not only survive but also thrive: success comes for the people who do the things today that will cause sales to happen tomorrow.

Part 1
Marketing Strategies for Tough Times

The market has turned.  Sales reps need to work hard for every yard they sell. Nothing is a given anymore.
Great salespeople aren't just successful because they're good at selling. The very best are great marketers in their territories and to their accounts. In today's tough economy, smart sales pros are using the "down time" to build customer awareness and relationships that will pay off in future business. In this program, learn the 7 powerful sales marketing strategies that can power success.

Part 2

The Forgotten Customer

It's no surprise that most sales reps focus today on contractors who have business - and that's as it should be. But what about past customers who have little or no business for us in these economic times? They may become "the forgotten customer". But make no mistake, when construction contracts come back, every sales rep will be looking for their business and it will go to those who didn't "forget". In this session sales reps discover ideas and strategies that keep them involved with these contractors and even create loyalty when others have ignored them. Complex sales and business development.

Part 3

Pricing In Tough Times
In a tight recessionary market, controlling costs are paramount and impact the company’s profitability.  On the other hand, every customer asks for lower prices, and when faced with competitive pressure, there seems to be no way to maintain price. In this session, sales reps learn strategies for actively "selling" value to a customer, not as a "freebie," but as a high margin component of a concrete producer’s offering.



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