Building Green with Concrete

This online course consists of 4 live Webinars along with downloadable presentations, readings, and unit quizzes. Attendance at all four Webinar sessions is encouraged. However, if you miss a scheduled Webinar, you will have an opportunity to view a recording of the Webinar.


This course provides detailed instruction on how to design with concrete to maximize environmental performance of buildings and project sites. It will help attendees utilize concrete building systems to design high performance buildings that conserve energy and maximize occupant comfort.

The seminar provides detailed background on stormwater best-management practices, including pervious concrete pavement systems in combination with bio-retention swales, conventional concrete pavements, and green roofs to reduce stormwater runoff and the overall impact of the built environment. It provides suggestions on how concrete can be used to minimize urban heat islands and reduce carbon footprints. The course also includes suggestions on how to incorporate optimal recycled content into concrete to balance environmental impact and long-term durability.

Attendees will learn the details of concrete building systems and pavements, including design methodologies and construction techniques to minimize environmental impact. This course will also help attendees design and write project specifications for sustainable concrete building and pavement systems.


  • Overview of Green Building

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

  • Energy Performance of Concrete Building Systems

  • Low Impact Development

  • Pervious Concrete and Heat Islands

  • Optimizing Recycled Content

  • Climate Change and Concrete

  • Concrete’s Contribution to LEED®


This seminar will provide attendees with state-of-the-art strategies, technologies and methodologies for designing sustainable concrete projects to maximize environmental performance. At the end of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Specify high performance concrete building systems

  • Implement pervious concrete pavement systems

  • Develop project specifications to optimize recycled content and maximize durability

  • Understand the basics of low impact development

  • Understand Concrete’s Contribution to LEED®


This course is intended for architects and engineers. Ready mixed concrete technical and operations professionals will also benefit from this course.


  • Tien Peng LEED AP
    NRMCA Vice President, Sustainability 


Participants who complete each webinar and associated quizzes will earn 6 Professional Development Hours, AIA-CES CE hours.

NRMCA’s ConcreteWorks 2024

Registration and Event Details Will Be Released in May