The Engineering Division and other NRMCA staff represent the ready mixed concrete industry on committees and organizations that set standards impacting the industry. The RES Committee is consulted and provides direction on initiatives and positions for the industry. Participation includes committees of the American Concrete Institute, ASTM International, Transportation Research Board, and technical committees of allied industry groups. NRMCA Staff also participate as industry representatives on panels and committees of the Federal Highway Administration and other specifying entities as requested.

The technical advocacy initiatives of NRMCA support its activities in promotion, research, education and government advocacy. Participation in the industry standards area ensures that NRMCA provides current information to its members and customers of the industry. It ensures that NRMCA can provide its members with a solution to a wide range of issues either with supporting information, or by directing them to an expert who will know.

When requested, NRMCA has provided comments on master specifications of engineering design firms and advised on requirements for concrete in concrete specifications to its members. NRMCA engineers Lionel Lemay, Karthik Obla and Colin Lobo are licensed engineers. Click here for their contact information.

Some committees with representation by NRMCA personnel include the
American Concrete Institute and ASTM International.

American Concrete Institute

RCC Responsibilities in Concrete ConstructionDeveloping document that defines responsibilitiesLobo
201 DurabilitySulfates, ASR, Freeze-thaw and performance optionsObla
211 Mixture ProportioningHigh Strength and revised normal strength proportioning – important for short course and certificationsObla
214 Strength TestsStatistics associated with strength tests, core testing, flexural testingLobo
216Strength TestsCode Requirements for Determining Fire Resistance of Concrete and Masonry Construction AssembliesRashid-Sumar
232Fly ash Fly ash in concrete and flowable fill, durability, sustainability, ASRObla (Chair)
237 Self Consolidating ConcreteNew doc on practice, tests, acceptance, and rheologyObla
301 Structural SpecsSpecifications for concreteLobo (Sec)
318 Building CodeCode requirements for concrete materialsLobo
323Building CodeLow Carbon Concrete CodeRashid-Sumar, Reed-Villarreal
325 Concrete Pavements Pavement design and construction practice; streets and local roads
330 Parking Lots Design and construction Miller
332 Residential Codes/guide for residential constructionMills-Beale
365 Service Life PredictionLife-365 (RMC-Foundation funded consortium) Obla
522 PerviousConcrete Guide for construction/specification Miller
551 Tilt-UpTilt-up constructionLemay
555 Recycled materialsRecycled materials – crushed concrete; wash water Obla
560Insulating Concrete FormsDesign and Construction with Insulating Concrete FormsMills-Beale,

ASTM International

C01.10 CementSpecifications for Portland and blended cementsLobo
C09.20AggregatesSpecification and tests for concrete aggregatesLobo
C09.23AdmixturesSpecifications for chemical admixtures, setting time methodsLobo
C09.24SCMStandards for fly ash, silica fume and supplementary cementitious materialsObla
C09.27Ground SlagStandards for slag cementLobo
C09.26Chemical ReactionsTesting for alkali aggregate reactionsObla
C09.40Ready Mixed ConcreteSpecification for ready mixed concrete and mixing waterLobo (Sec)
C09.47Self Consolidating ConcreteStandards for self consolidating concreteObla
C09.49Pervious ConcreteStandards for pervious concreteObla
C09.60Fresh Concrete testsDensity, air content – pressure, volumetric, standards for technician certificationLobo
C09.61Strength TestsStandards for testing strength of concreteLobo
C09.66Resistance to Fluid PenetrationPermeability indicator testsObla
C09.67Resistance to EnvironmentFreeze thaw testingObla
C09.68Volume ChangeShrinkage and cracking testsObla
C09.69Misc. TestsSulfates in soil
C09.96CCRLReference sample and laboratory inspectionsLobo
C09.98LaboratoriesStandards for laboratoriesLobo
E05Fire StandardsFire Test Standards, including Fire Resistance, External Fire Exposures, and CombustibilityRashid-Sumar
E60SustainabilitySustainability Standards, including for Building and ConstructionReed-Villarreal

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