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P2P is an acronym for Prescription to Performance specifications. The P2P Initiative, led by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), advocates for the ready mixed concrete industry to promote a shift from traditional prescriptive specifications to performance specifications for concrete. Initiatives are addressed through the NRMCA Research Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee.

Resources for the P2P Initiative

Below are some of the resources available to the industry and to designers for information on revising specifications for concrete construction to more performance based:

Specifications in Practice – brief discussions on 5 most restrictive prescriptive requirements identified by the industry

SIP 1 – Limits on Quantity of Supplementary Cementitious Materials

SIP 2 – Limits on Water-Cementitious Materials Ratio (w/cm)

SIP 3 – Minimum Cementitious Materials Content

SIP 4 – Restrictions on Type and Characteristics of Fly Ash

SIP 5 – Restrictions on Aggregate Grading

ASCC and NRMCA Checklist for Concrete Producer-Concrete Contractor Fresh Concrete Performance Expectations

Published Articles and Papers

Reports – Funded by the RMC Research & Education Foundation

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