Chairman’s Award

Robert A. Garbini Chairman’s Award

In Appreciation of Extraordinary Dedication to NRMCA

Congratulations Allen Hamblen and Boo Twohy
2024 Recipient of the Robert A. Garbini Chairman’s Award
Awarded by Chairman Adam Manatt

This award is given in appreciation for extraordinary dedication and service to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association at the sole discretion of the chairman of the NRMCA Board of Directors. The award is presented each year at the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Past Chairman’s Award Winners

  • 2023 Melanie O’Regan and Alan Wessel (Chairman, John Holliday)
  • 2022 Robert A. Garbini (Chairman, Abbott Lawrence)
  • 2021 Ted Chandler (Chairman, John Carew)
  • 2020 Henry Batten and Tim Becken, (Chairman, Bill Sandbrook)
  • 2019 Scott Parson (Chairman, Rodney Grogan)
  • 2018 Tom Harris (Chairman, Scott Parson)
  • 2017 Bill Childs (Chairman, Ted Chandler)
  • 2016 Karl Watson Jr. (Chairman, Allen Hamblen)
  • 2015 Gary Mullings (Chairman, Ric Suzio)
  • 2014 Pepe Cancio Sr. (Chairman, Bill Childs)
  • 2013 T. Michael Kaney (Chairman, Dave Robison)
  • 2012 Thomas L. Flynn and Ken G. Robinson (Chairman, Karl Watson)
  • 2011 Julie Garbini and Wally Johnson (Chairman, Tim Becken)
  • 2010 Frank Craddock and Jim Russ (Chairman, Henry Batten)
  • 2009 Rick Leeper and Mike Ragan (Chairman, Frank Craddock)
  • 2008 John Roberts (Chairwoman, Boo Twohy)
  • 2007 Dennis Troesh (Chairman, Peter Brewin)
  • 2006 Tom Baird, III (Chairman, Hale Ritchie)
  • 2005 Dave Vickers (Chairman, Hardy Johnson)
  • 2004 Robert Garbini (Chairman, Jim Russ)
  • 2003 Gene Martineau and Mike Shydlowski (Chairman, Dave Vickers)
  • 2002 Bruno Benna (Chairman, Norm Nelson)
  • 2001 Ray Eastin (Chairman, Tom Flynn)
  • 2000 Richard Kline (Chairman, Tom Chandler)
  • 1999 Bob Turner (Chairman, John Novak)

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