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Plant and Truck Certification Program


raising professionalism in the Ready mixed concrete

industry through the certification of Production

facilities that comply with industry standards.




General Information


Plant and Truck Certification Documents

  • The inspection of the production facility should be documented on the Plant Certification Checklist.
    The NRMCA Plant Certification Checklist should be used solely for the purpose of requesting certification of production facilities through NRMCA. The current version is the Twelfth Revision effective March 2015. As of July 2017, inspectors should use the NRMCA Plant Certification Electronic Checklist version 07.17.17 for inspection and for requesting certification of production facilities through NRMCA. This document is provided to inspectors approved to perform inspections for the NRMCA certification program. The printed version of the Twelfth Revision is being accepted only through October 31, 2017. If you are an NRMCA approved inspector and need the current copy of the Checklist then please contact Karen Bean by email or at 1-888-846-7622, x1168.

  • The inspection of the delivery fleet should be documented on the Delivery Fleet Inspection Form.
    The detailed requirements for delivery fleet are addressed in Section 5 of the Checklist. This inspection can be conducted by approved inspectors or by assigned company personnel. Section 5 and the fleet inspection form can be obtained in the section on Certification of Delivery Vehicles.

  • Plant and Truck Payment Form
    This document includes the payment schedule and can be used to provide payment amount and information when requesting certification for the production facilities and delivery fleet.

  • Plant Inspector Guide
    This document covers a detailed discussion of the requirements addressed in the Plant Certification Checklist and is intended to provide additional guidance to inspectors and concrete producers seeking certification for their production facilities. The checklist language is included for context of the discussion of each requirement. For persons interested in learning more about the plant certification program and the general industry standards governing ready mixed concrete production facilities, this document is a useful reference.
    To obtain a copy contact NRMCA's Jacques Jenkins, by email or at 1-888-846-7622, x1165.


Certification Fees


NRMCA charges the following fees to process plant and truck certifications:

  • Plant Certification Fee Every 2 years

    • NRMCA member $100 per plant

    • Non-member $450 per plant


  • Delivery Vehicle Certification Fee Every 12 months

    • NRMCA member $15 per vehicle

    • Non-member $35 per vehicle

  • Plant and Truck Reprint Fees (an additional shipping fee will apply)

    • Plant Certificate $25 per plant

    • Truck ID Card - $5 per truck

These fees are for NRMCA to provide and process the plant or truck certification request. The fee must accompany the completed electronic checklist. . If the plant or truck certification documents are sent in without payment, processing will be delayed until payment has been received. NRMCA accepts payment in the form of credit card (American Express, MasterCard or Visa) or check (made payable to NRMCA).


The turnaround time for processing a correctly completed Plant Certification Check List is two weeks and can sometimes extend to four weeks. Requests for certification are processed sequentially as received.


Expedited Certification Processing


Requests to expedite processing can be accommodated for an additional fee of:

NRMCA Member Fee: $75 per plant or set of delivery vehicles.

Non-Member Fee: $100 per plant or set of delivery vehicles.

The turnaround time for expedited service is 3 working business days from the date that NRMCA receives the documents.

NOTE:  All expedited services will be sent out by 2-day mail. If overnight delivery is required, an additional charge will be applied. NRMCA will not email electronic versions of the certificate of conformance or truck certification cards.



Sending Completed Paperwork

By Email: Please e-mail all plant and/or truck certification paperwork to:


By Mail: Only for check payments - Please mail the completed payment form and check:


National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Engineering Division Plant Certification

900 Spring Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910


Printouts of the electronic checklist received by mail will not be processed. The completed form should be sent by email only.


Contact Us

For Plant Certification Status, Policy Questions and other non-technical inquiries:
Send your inquiry to:

General email - for quick response:

Karen Bean:
(240) 4851168 |

Alpha Moore:
(240) 485-1182 |

For technical questions:
Contact Colin Lobo, Executive Vice President of Engineering at NRMCA:

        (240) 4851160 |





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