Certification of Delivery Vehicles

NRMCA recognizes that the delivery vehicles are an integral part of the production process and cannot issue certification for production facilities without certified vehicles. The Check List includes provisions for inspection and certification of truck mixers, agitators and non-agitating units. The delivery fleet inspection requires that not more than one unit or 10 percent of the units, whichever is greater; to be used at the plant fails to meet requirements.

Two options are provided:

Option A – Delivery vehicles inspection by the company under the supervision of a company official. An NRMCA approved inspector audits paperwork and procedures used by the company.

 Option B – Delivery vehicles inspected by an NRMCA approved inspector

The following points are to be noted for Option A:
(More details can be found in Section 5 of the Check List.) 

  • Identify maintenance personnel who will be conducting the vehicle inspection for the required items in the Check list.
  • Ensure that they are familiar with the requirements of the vehicle inspection. A company manager should periodically supervise the inspection.
  • Maintain on file a statement of qualifications of these personnel and have these available for the inspecting engineer when the plant is inspected.
  • Make a request for a Delivery Fleet certification card using the Fleet Inspection Reporting Spreadsheet (The person inspecting the vehicle and the company official should complete this request).
  • NRMCA will issue a card with a unique vehicle ID and an expiration date. The card shall be applied to the driver side windshield or door of the delivery unit (some companies do not permit items on the vehicle’s windshield).
  • Maintain a record of inspection and certification on file (Section 5.8) for review by the inspecting engineer.
  • When the engineer inspects the plants, he or she will interview the maintenance personnel who performed the vehicle inspection and audit their inspection, as well as your records of certification.  

The following is applicable to the company personnel involved in inspecting delivery vehicles

10.3 Qualifications of Company Personnel conducting Inspections of Delivery Vehicles

10.3.1 Persons conducting delivery fleet inspections conducted by the Company should be under the employ or on contract with the Company and under the supervision of an Executive Level Company Official identified when submitting requests for certification cards for delivery vehicles.

10.3.2 Shall be familiar with the requirements for delivery vehicles in Section 5.

10.3.3 Shall maintain a statement of qualifications on file and provide this to the inspecting engineer during the inspection of the production facility. The statement of qualifications shall include items listed in 10.4.

Statement of qualifications of company personnel inspecting delivery vehicles
Complete this and maintain on file and provide to inspector. Do not send this to NRMCA.

For Option B, the inspecting engineer inspects all the delivery vehicles, completes the required information in Section 5.7 and makes the request for certification cards. These vehicles must be inspected annually.

Section 5 (from the Certification Check List) – inspection and certification of delivery vehicles 

Delivery Fleet Inspection Form (xls) (Section 5.8)