Green Building

Because of concrete’s versatility, durability, resilience, environmental performance and contribution to society, there are many applications for in a building project … from foundations and superstructures to sidewalks and parking lots.

With the market demand to build while minimizing environmental and social impacts, there are a variety of building standards and rating systems within the construction marketplace, such as: LEED, GreenGlobes, Living Building Challenge, Energy Star, among others.

As these standards evolve, ready mix concrete continues to demonstrate its value on construction building projects which focus on advancing practices for a more sustainable design.  The concrete industry is a leader when design and construction practices integrate:

  • recycled content, regionally sourced materials, solar reflectance, permeable hardscape and transparency reporting of environmental, health and sustainability across its supply chain.

Simply, there are no other building materials that match the versatile performance of concrete in sustainable design and construction decisions.

Green Building

NRMCA’s ConcreteWorks 2024

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