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Regional "Short Course"

February 8-12, 2016, Des Moines, IA


*This course is now sold out

next course will be scheduled for Novermber 2016 in Maryland



NRMCA's Concrete Technologist Training and Certification “Short Course” provides intensive training and certification on the fundamentals of concrete, aggregates and concrete mixture materials. Since 1964, several thousand attendees of this course have obtained one or more of the following certifications:


The “Short Course” is a 5-day program, with 4 days of training and the last day for certification exams. The course emphasizes nationally accepted standard procedures and practices by referencing ACI and ASTM documents. It is held twice a year – in Maryland every fall, and at a regional location in the U.S. each winter.



Morning Sessions are reserved for classroom instruction and discussion on the following topics:


  • Fundamentals of Concrete

  • Ready Mixed Concrete & ASTM C 94

  • Cement

  • Fly Ash

  • Slag & Silica Fume

  • Aggregates

  • Chemical Admixtures

  • Statistical Methods

  • ACI Code & Specification Requirements

  • Testing Hardened Concrete

  • Concreting in Extreme Weather

  • Managing Returned Concrete

  • Quality Control Procedures

  • Innovative Concrete Applications

  • Handling, Placing & Finishing

Afternoon sessions include working groups on:


  • Calculations in Concrete and Aggregate Technology: Aggregate moisture, specific gravity, gradations, mixture proportioning, statistical calculations and ACI requirements.

  • NRMCA Field Testing Technician Grade II Certification.

  • Aggregates Laboratory: Demonstrations and video on aggregate sampling and test methods.

Gary Mullings, NRMCA Senior Vice President of Compliance and Operations, conducts a demonstration at the winter 2010 Technical Short Course in Phoenix, AZ.


Applicant Qualifications


The NRMCA Short Course covers a significant amount of technical material in 4 days, including basic mathematical and statistical calculations (for a quick quiz to test your math skills, click here). Persons attempting the exams on Friday will be responsible for grasping this information. It is the responsibility of the registrant and his/her manager to ensure that the attendee has the requisite qualifications and level of education to attend the course.


Registrants will receive a pre-course study package before the course. Pre-course study is highly recommended to ensure that attendees maximize their opportunity to learn, participate in discussions and successfully attempt the examinations. Click here for a list of additional resources that are recommended to enhance your learning.

Course Texts and References


Short Course participants receive NRMCA publications, comprehensive notes on each topic and practice problems sets, Compilation of ASTM Standards, American Concrete Institute (ACI) educational publications, and Portland Cement Association's (PCA) Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures; Summary of standards and study guide for NRMCA Field Grade II certification.


Registration Fee


NRMCA Members .............


Non-Members ...................



Questions about the course? Need registration assistance? Contact Us.


Certifications and Testing

The Short Course is a 5-day program, with 4 days devoted to training and the last day reserved for certification exams.


The course is part of NRMCA’s Seminar, Training and Education Programs (STEPS), and it is required for the Concrete Technology career track. Attendees earn 32 credits toward CCPf certification, which is the highest professional designation in the industry.

Upon completion of the Short Course training, attendees may test for one of the following NRMCA Concrete Technologist certification levels:

  •  NRMCA Certified Concrete Technologist, Level 2 

    The applicant must pass an additional 1˝-hour examination consisting of questions on concrete materials and production practices plus basic mixture proportioning methods and data evaluation procedures. An exam score of at least 75% is required to receive certification. Approximately 60% of those who take the exam pass. NRMCA Level 2 certification expires five years from the date of the exam. See policy for those who obtained certification prior to 2000.

    The training for Concrete Technologist Level 2 Certification can be conducted locally by third parties such as state ready mixed concrete associations, local ACI chapters and individual companies. The exam will be administered by NRMCA. Only upon passing the exam will the certification be awarded by NRMCA.


  •  NRMCA Certified Concrete Technologist, Level 3 

    Qualification for Concrete Technologist Level 3 includes successful completion of the NRMCA Level 2 examination, plus passing an additional two-hour written examination on advanced concrete technology including absolute volume mix proportioning methods, basic statistics as it applies to ACI 318, and quality control, and troubleshooting. An exam score of at least 75% is required to receive certification. Approximately 50% of those who take the exam pass. According to current policy, NRMCA Level 3 certification does not expire.

  • NRMCA Field Testing Technician Grade II

    This NRMCA certification was developed as a next step for field testing technicians and concrete producers. It is an optional certification offered at the Short Course and covers the following standards: C31 (making and curing beams); C42 (cores); C94 (ready mix spec); C803 (Windsor probe); C805 (rebound hammer); C1611 (slump flow for SCC); C1688 (density of pervious); and C1702 (infiltration of pervious). This certification requires ACI Field I certification as a pre-requisite which is not offered at the Short Course.

How do I get my Level 4 Certification?


Concrete Technologist Level 4, the highest certification, is awarded upon successful completion of NRMCA's Durability Course exam. However, although Concrete Technologist Level 3 certification must be obtained in order to achieve Level 4, the Technical Short Course is not a prerequisite for attending the Durability Course.


Therefore, if one has already attended and passed the Durability Course, then successful completion of the Level 3 exam at the end of the Short Course will provide Level 4 Concrete Technologist Certification.


Click here to learn more about NRMCA's 2˝-day Durability Course, which covers the fundamental mechanisms that impact concrete durability.



Contact Us


For additional course information, contact Karen Bean, NRMCA Engineering & Operations Manager: PHONE:  240-485-1168 | EMAIL:


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Jessica Walgenbach, NRMCA Meetings Director: PHONE:  240-485-1152 | EMAIL:



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