Operations and Production Career Track

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The primary goal of the Operations and Production Career Track is to provide ready mixed concrete operational employees with a comprehensive educational opportunity that enables them to establish productive careers in the industry. Candidates who complete the career track demonstrate in class their knowledge of the materials, procedures, and equipment required to produce quality concrete with the desired fresh and hardened concrete performance characteristics for a given application. This includes proper and lawful safety and environmental practices and compliance, as well as managerial practices, including the principles of dispatch, driver, and personnel management. To this end, the program can include specialized competence in additional areas including financial, managerial, and ethical concerns relevant to the profession.

Candidates will be exposed to knowledge of concrete production, safety compliance and regulations, environmental compliance and regulations, delivery optimization and basic human resource and basic financial practices. This knowledge will come from courses that range from Concrete Fundamentals to Environmental Professional Certification for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry. Some typical industry job titles that would benefit from this track are Plant Operator, Mixer Driver, Dispatcher, Driver Supervisor, Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Safety Manager, Environmental Manager, General Manager, Area Manager, Fleet Manager and Maintenance Manager.

Operations and Production

Career Track Certification Requirement (120 hours)

Prerequisites (1 of 2 below)*

Required Courses (84 hours)*

NRMCA Suggested Electives (36 hours minimum)

*Other courses offered by NRMCA or other organizations may be substituted following an evaluation and approval by NRMCA (see CCPf Certification Rules).

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