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NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification


Certified Plants


Below is a list of NRMCA Certified Sustainable Concrete Plants:




City, State/Country

Certification Level

Expiration Date

Mechanicsville Concrete LLC (Powhatan Ready Mix)

Bryan Park Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Richmond, VA, USA


April 22, 2015

Titan Virginia Ready Mix LLC

Clear Brook Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Clear Brook, VA, USA


May 7, 2015

Titan Virginia Ready Mix LLC

Suffolk Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Suffolk, VA, USA


April 29, 2015

Falcon Ready Mix

Lusail Plant

Doha, Qatar


February 19, 2015

Titan Virginia Ready Mix LLC

Stafford Ready Mix Concrete Plant

Falmouth, VA


April 29, 2015

Unibeton Ready Mix New Port Plant Doha, Qatar Gold October 4, 2015




As interest in sustainable development grows, the ready mixed concrete industry must be able to support sustainable development, balancing economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental responsibility. Moving towards a sustainable, environmentally conscious production model not only reduces environmental burdens, but also increases efficiency and places ready mixed concrete plants in a position of industry leadership in the growing green movement. When effectively communicated to consumers, a progressive stance on sustainability will allow the concrete industry and its constituents to remain responsibly competitive.


The NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification (Certification) program provides a quantitative, performance-based metric, to allow ready mixed concrete producers to demonstrate excellence in sustainable development. The Certification provides ready mixed concrete plant personnel with specific guidance to assess their production practices and implement sustainability strategies that will ultimately lower their overall footprint.


To certify, plant personnel use the Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines (Guidelines) to rate a plantís level of sustainability within different credit categories. Plants can achieve between 0 and 100 points depending on how many sustainability credits are achieved and their level of performance within each credit. The Guidelines were developed through generous funding from the RMC Research & Education Foundation. The development process was managed by NRMCA.

How to Certify

Plant personnel use the Guidelines to assess their plant and collect documentation for those credits for which they are claiming points and submit the documentation to NRMCA along with appropriate application forms and fees. NRMCA sends the application and documentation to a third-party auditor who reviews the application and documentation to determine if the plant meets the criteria described in the Guidelines for all the points being claimed by the plant. If the plant meets the Certification criteria NRMCA awards the plant with the appropriate NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification level:

Bronze: 30-49 points

Silver: 50-69 points

Gold: 70-89 points

Platinum: 90-100 points

Join a Webinar

NRMCA periodically offers free Webinars describing the Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification program. If you missed the Webinar, you can watch a recording or view the presentation by clicking on one of the options below:

Watch a recording of the Webinar presentation

Download the PowerPoint of the Webinar presentation

Download a PDF of the Webinar presentation

Download Documents and Worksheets


The documents and forms needed to participate in the Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification program are listed below. Click on the documents to download.

First download and read this document:


SCP Policies and Procedures Feb 2011


Then download and read these documents and worksheets


SCP Guidelines Version 1.1

SCP Guidelines Checklist Version 1.0

SCP CO2 Calculator Version 1.1

SCP Emissions Calculator Version 1.0

SCP Materials Transportation Calculator Version 1.0

SCP Safety Worksheet Version 1.0


Finally, when you are ready to apply for certification, download and compete the following forms:


SCP Certification Checklist Feb 2011

SCP Certification Submittal Form Feb 2011

SCP Certification Credit Title Page Feb 2011

Credit Interpretations

In some cases, the Sustainable Concrete Plant Guideline credits may need clarification with regard to intent, metrics, criteria or documentation. The following is a compilation of questions on specific credits within the guidelines and their interpretation by NRMCA staff and industry experts.

Credit Question Interpretation
Prereq. 3 My company has in-house energy auditing expertise. Can I submit an energy audit produced by our in-house expert to satisfy Prereq. 3?

The purpose of this prerequisite is to verify that the plant is monitoring energy consumption and that claims made for energy credits in the guidelines are verified. Therefore it is preferable that the energy audit be produced by a third party. That being said, an in-house audit is acceptable, so long as the energy consumption data presented in the audit is verified by a third party. This is usually in the form of energy bills or a letter from the utility company or consultant verifying the energy and or fuel use at the plant for the 12 months period under consideration. However, as with all credits, the auditor will make a determination as to whether or not the in-house audit, combined with third party verified energy usage data, meets the intent of this pre-requisite. 

Prereq. 3

My utility company does not conduct energy audits and I am having difficulty finding an energy consultant that will conduct an energy audit at a reasonable cost. What should I do?

The purpose of this prerequisite is to verify that the plant is monitoring energy consumption and that claims made for energy credits in the guidelines are verified. If energy consumption at the plant was measured and reported as part of the EMS (See Prerequisite 2) then that would qualify. If the energy company wonít supply an audit to you, you could submit copies of utility bills that include the amount of energy consumed for the 12 month period as verification. The intent of this prerequisite was not to have producers spend significant amounts of money. However, in reality, a true energy consultant would provide strategies for conserving energy that could result in significant cost savings. But it is not required as part of the prerequisite.

2.1 If you have both a dry batching unit and a central mixer unit at a single facility, can you get points for both?

No. All batching equipment must meet the requirements. So if you have multiple batching units on a plant site, if one doesnít meet the requirements, the plant site does not achieve the points for that credit. If all the batching units meet the requirements then you achieve the points assigned to that credit. There is a paragraph in the introductory chapter of the guidelines that addresses this issue:


Note, for the purposes of these Guidelines, a concrete plant is defined as a property or plant site containing one or more batching units and associated equipment. When multiple batching units are located on the plant site, all the batching units and associated equipment must meet the requirements of the Guidelines in order to achieve points in the program.

2.8 What is appropriate size for secondary containment? 110% of largest tank? Providing a secondary containment structure capable of holding 110% of the contents of the single largest tank located in the secondary containment structure is sufficient for the purposes of this credit unless state or local regulations require more. For example, some state and local regulations require the size secondary containment structure to be 110% of all tanks combined and therefore if a plant meets the state and local regulations (prerequisite 1) it would also meet the requirements for this credit.
4.1 There is a point available for having a LEED GA or LEED AP on staff. In our country, we use a green building rating system called ESTIDAMA. ESTIDAMA has Pearl Qualification Professionals (PQPs) which has three professional qualifications: PCRs (community), PBRs (Building) and PVRs (Villa). Would these qualifications be equivalent to LEED professional accreditations? Yes, the ESTIDAMA Professional Qualification Professional certification would be considered equivalent to LEED professional accreditations for the purposes of this credit.


NRMCA is currently seeking auditors for the Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification program. If you are interested in participating as an auditor, download and complete the this form:

SCP Certification Auditor Application Form Feb 2011

Below is a list of Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification Auditors. Auditors are available to act as consultants to concrete producers seeking Certification. If you engage one of the listed auditors as a consultant on a Certification submittal, a different Auditor will perform the audit for your plant.


Name Company City, State/Country Telephone Email
Mary Macaulay Atlantic Concrete Association Bedford, NS, CANADA (902) 489-2000 info@atlanticconcrete.ca
Douglas E. Ruhlin Resource Management Associates Forked River, NJ, USA (609) 693-8301 doug@rmagreen.com
Scott Hammersley Global Innovations II, LLC Oak Hill, VA, USA (703) 969-4690 slumpcone@
Alan Sparkman TCA Nashville, TN, USA (615) 360-7393 asparkman@
Rabih Fakih Grey Matters Consultancy Dubai, UAE +97 (150) 873-8761 rabih.fakih@
Rami Shatarat FOSROC Dubai, UAE +97 (714) 884-9525 rami.shatarat@
Martin Hardwick, MCS, MCMI, BBA Excellentia69 Consultancy Limited Churwell, Leeds, UK +44 (113) 253-8208 excellentia69@
Abdulkader Kairouz 3rd Party Engineering Beirut Lebanon (961)351-6265 abdulkader.kairouz@gmail.com
Mohamad Sabra CTL Group Qatar Doha, Qatar +9 (745) 550-9744 msabra@ctlgroupqatar.com
David Ayers Applied Safety Management Columbia, MD, USA (443) 896-7540 david.ayers@appliedsafetymanagement.com


If you have questions on the Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification program contact Lionel Lemay of NRMCA, LLemay@nrmca.org, 847-918-7101.


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