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Biodiversity at Ready Mixed Concrete Plants

Biodiversity at RMC Plants, Webinar, Feb. 2013 (mov)

Biodiversity Toolkit Webinar, Feb. 2013 (pdf) 

Biodiversity Toolkit Webinar, Feb. 2013 (pptx)

View a Webinar about Biodiversity at Ready Mix Plants (2010)

NRMCA and Wildlife Habitat Council: Partnership for Sustainability program has developed tools to implement habitat & biodiversity projects at ready mixed concrete plants.

The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is an independent, nonprofit assemblage of corporations, conservation organizations, and individuals dedicated to protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat. WHC strives to promote responsible environmental stewardship within corporate culture and also works to broaden the understanding of wildlife values through partnerships.  

Founded in 1930, the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is the leading industry advocate. Its mission is to provide exceptional value for members by responsibly representing and serving the entire ready mixed concrete industry. Both organizations are proud of the partnership promoting habitat enhancement and biodiversity initiatives at ready mixed concrete production facilities. The expertise brought to this collaboration will allow ready mixed concrete production facilities to demonstrate environmental stewardship and obtain recognition for voluntary initiatives.

WHC and NRMCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding in an effort to work jointly with ready mixed concrete production facilities to aid in the development of sustainable environmental initiatives at their facilities. Typically small in size, production facilities do not have expansive tracks of land to dedicate to conservation. In the larger picture however, every initiative benefiting habitat and wildlife has value. It can represent a stopover for migratory birds, a food source for pollinators, an opportunity to increase diversity. Therefore, a unique approach to serving the specific needs and potential of ready mixed concrete production facilities was created. WHC developed a biodiversity toolkit specifically designed for the ready mixed concrete industry to engage in habitat projects and further their sustainability mission.

Biodiversity Toolkit

The toolkit developed provides contextual information and detailed how-to instructions needed to implement voluntary biodiversity projects at Ready Mixed Concrete production facilities. This toolkit is designed to introduce employees to potential projects and the benefits they can bring to the production facilities as well as the environment. When prepared for a partner, the biodiversity toolkit includes a brochure presenting standard habitat enhancement recommendations chosen to fit the industry and the typical plant landscape.

Those project opportunities include:

Identify and manage exotic, invasive species
Create habitat for pollinators
Establish an avian management program
Enhance visual berms
Wetland / pond structural enhancement
Conservation education

Several supporting documents are also provided as part of the biodiversity toolkit. These include native species lists, technical references, links to priority actions in the state, potential partner contact, wildlife management plan templates, sample monitoring logs and certification information. WHC’s goal is to provide the production facilities with all the information they need to be able to readily pursue one or more of these projects and initiate a strong program.

How to Get Started

The biodiversity toolkit and associated voluntary habitat projects are part of WHC’s Wildlife at Worksm program. Under the program, valuable habitat projects going above and beyond mitigation and regulation are eligible for certification. Certification requirements are detailed in the biodiversity toolkit and can also be found on WHC’s website at www.wildlifehc.org. Productions facilities initiating projects, participating in the program and/or pursing certification can also obtain points under the NRMCA Sustainable Plant Guideline system. Actions and values are presented in the official documentation available through NRMCA. WHC strongly encourages corporate strategies to be set as part of an integrated approach to sustainability. Several projects are compatible with operations and still represent opportunities for employee and community involvement. If the program is undertaken at the site level, the following are typical steps to plan for:

Contact WHC, discuss with WHC regional biologist to identify best approach
Request Biodiversity Toolkit
Initiate first project and schedule biologist visit

For further information about the Biodiversity Toolkit download the toolkit application form or contact WHC’s Director of Field Programs, Josiane Bonneau.

Download a PDF of the presentation about biodiversity at ready mix plants.


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