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Pathway to Resilience – A Guide to Developing a Community Action Plan

We are now witnessing unprecedented losses of life and property from natural disasters and its imperative that we implement community based action plans to mitigate the devastating effects of natural hazards such as earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and floods. In order to help its members meet the challenge, NRMCA developed a guiding document to help communities address these increasing risks.

Called Pathway to Resilience – A Guide to Developing a Community Action Plan, the guide offers the overarching goal of supporting and advancing resilience in future construction of buildings and critical infrastructure. The two main approaches to disaster mitigation include voluntary, community-based construction and communication enhancement strategies, and adoption of stricter standards for construction of buildings and infrastructure with the objective of reducing losses. 

Click here to download the Pathways to Resilience guidance document.

Click here to view a recording of the Pathways to Resilience webinar.

Contact Tien Peng of NRMCA at TPeng@nrmca.org or (206) 913-8535.



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Jul 23 2014 - NIST Community Centered-Approach Workshop – NJ

Aug 17 2014 – APWA Congress & Expo – Toronto, ON

Oct 22 2014 - NIST Community Centered-Approach Workshop - OK

Oct 1 2014 - ICC Annual Conference, Public Comment Hearing and Expo – FL

Feb 10, 2015 – International Disaster Conference and Expo




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Hurricane Sandy Improvement and Recovery Act 2013






For information regarding this program contact Tien Peng.






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