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A shift to performance-based

specifications for concrete,

with a focus on innovation, quality,

and customer satisfaction.

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Performance-based specifications foster innovation
and acceptance of new technology, such as the technologies of high-strength concrete and self-consolidating concrete for high-rise construction.


P2P shifts the emphasis from prescribing the ingredients and their proportions in a concrete mixture to an emphasis on the performance properties of the combined materials. The details of a concrete mixture for the most part have little meaning to a contractor, design engineer or owner of a building or roadway. Concrete producers, on the other hand, have to maintain an expertise that allows them to optimize the mix for predictable performance, both in its plastic and hardened state. They have to know their ingredient materials and should be competent in mixture proportioning to compete and deliver a long-lasting product in a competitive environment. The P2P Initiative is a large undertaking with far-reaching implications throughout the construction industry that will require coordination with, and support from, project owners, government agencies, codes and standards organizations, engineers and architects, contractors and concrete producers. Eventually it should be considered an industry initiative rather than that of one group.


Who Benefits from Performance Specifications?


Customers: The ultimate customeróbuilding owners, government agencies, home builders, roadway users, just to name a fewówill benefit from performance specifications since they empower contractor and producer teams to deliver a superior product that meets the customerís needs.  Owners can expect improvements in quality and service life of concrete buildings and roadways.  Other benefits include accelerated construction schedules and potentially lower project costs.  With improved quality control systems and attention to functional requirements for concrete, owners can expect fewer call backs and construction conflicts.


Specifiers: Architects or engineers that represent the owner will benefit from performance specifications since they can focus their energy on aesthetic and functional design instead of the details of concrete construction and mixture proportioning.  Performance specifications will simplify the submittal review process.  Performance specifications reduce specifier liability since responsibility for mix design and construction means and methods is shifted to the ready mixed concrete producer and contractor.   In addition, specifiers can expect improvements in quality and consistency and potential reduction in project costs.


Contractors: For the most part, project specifications for concrete will focus on requirements of the hardened concrete.  However, since performance specifications encourage improved coordination between the contractor and producer, issues relating to placement and finishing will be addressed.  Contractors can expect enhanced placeability and finishability characteristics of plastic concrete, including improvements in product consistency.  Contractors will have flexibility on construction methods and more control over project schedule.


Concrete Producers: Performance specifications favor concrete producers that focus on quality control and innovation.  Progressive producers will be challenged to innovate and invest in product development and advanced quality control procedures.  Concrete producers can expect reduced conflicts within specifications.  They will have the ability to satisfy constructability and in-place requirements for concrete.  They will have control of the mix design and the flexibility to make adjustments to mix designs when material sources or weather conditions change.





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