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A shift to performance-based

specifications for concrete,

with a focus on innovation, quality,

and customer satisfaction.

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The P2P Initiative of NRMCA promotes a shift to performance-based specifications for concrete construction that includes highways and local roads.


The Research, Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee of NRMCA formed the P2P Steering Committee in October 2002 to develop a strategic roadmap for the P2P Initiative. The Steering Committee has collaborated with industry stakeholders including concrete contractors, material suppliers, engineers and architects to develop a set of goals and strategies to implement performance-based specifications.


The primary goal of the P2P Initiative is to improve the quality and competitive position of concrete by moving away from prescriptive requirements to those based on performance criteria. All stakeholders in the construction process must see a benefit to themselves. There is no intent to eliminate prescriptive specifications. These traditional modes of specifying concrete can work well in certain market areas and in certain established relationships. One effect could be that there will be an improvement in prescriptive specifications whereby some of the inherent conflicts are eliminated and responsibilities are more clearly defined.



Strategies for the P2P Initiative Include:

  • Promote performance specifications as an alternative to current prescriptive specifications through education and communication.

  • Leverage the expertise of all stakeholders in the construction industry to improve quality and reliability of concrete construction.

  • Assist architects and engineers to address concrete specifications in terms of performance requirements, allowing concrete suppliers and contractors flexibility on the details of concrete mixtures and construction means and methods.

  • Elevate the performance level and credibility of the ready mixed concrete industry through training and certification.

  • Foster innovation and acceptance of new technology at a faster pace through research and development.









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