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NRMCA Publication 2PE004 

Guide to Improving Specifications for Ready Mixed Concrete



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(Updated and Revised for 2015)


(Item #2PE004 in NRMCA E-Store)


The publication Guide to Improving Specifications for Ready Mixed Concrete was developed by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and its members through the Research, Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee. The document evolved based on comments developed while reviewing actual project specifications used in the concrete construction industry.


Intended Audience

This publication was written as a guide for ready mixed concrete or contractor personnel who are responsible for compliance with project specifications. It would also be suitable for design professionals who develop project specifications.



This document proposes specification clauses and includes accompanying commentary as guidance, which emphasizes the fundamental concepts of specifications for ready mixed concrete as addressed in industry standards published by ACI or ASTM International. Provisions of ACI 318-14 (Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete) are incorporated, relating to requirements concerning concrete ingredients and materials, mixture design, production, and delivery.

This publication uses Master Specification CSI format Section 03300 for Cast-In-Place Concrete to provide context for the typical sections seen in commercial project specifications. Only those sections pertinent to concrete ingredients and mixtures are covered in this document. It does not include sections pertinent to reinforcement, formwork, or any other construction means/methods.



This publication is not intended as a guide or reference specification. It was written in the chosen format in order to make it easiest for the concrete producer or contractor to discuss content, or for the design professional to incorporate suggestions.


It is anticipated that this publication will be updated as standards evolve or with feedback, which is encouraged. Please address comments to:



NRMCA Engineering Division

900 Spring Street

Silver Spring, MD 20910




DISCLAIMER: This publication is intended for the use of professional personnel, competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of its content, and who will accept responsibility for the application of the material it contains. The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the other organizations cooperating in the preparation of this publication strive for accuracy but disclaim any and all responsibility for application of the stated principles or for the accuracy of the sources.

Unless otherwise indicated, all materials on these pages are copyrighted by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association or cooperating organizations. All rights reserved. Therefore, reproduction, modification or retransmission, in any form is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.



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