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Research, Engineering & Standards Committee


Chairman: John Vaughan

Vice Chair: Chris Wolf
Executive Committee Liaison: Joseph Ferrara
Staff Liaison:
Colin Lobo



NRMCA's Research, Engineering and Standards Committee has authored a publication titled Guide to Improving Specifications for Ready Mixed Concrete.
It was developed based on comments and issues that arose while reviewing actual project specifications used in the concrete construction industry. CLICK HERE to learn more about the document, download a free copy or purchase a copy through the NRMCA E-Store.


RES COMMITTEE Scope and Objectives

  1. To coordinate all standardization activities of the NRMCA, including the development of specifications and recommended practices.

  2. To support and promulgate the use of performance based specifications through the P2P initiative.

  3. To review and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding procedures and policy for certification of production facilities, personnel and testing agencies, and equipment standards.

  4. To maintain close contact and cooperation with other standardization bodies such as ACI, ASTM and transportation agencies in representing the ready mixed concrete industry.

  5. To coordinate the technical education program of the Association.

  6. To review and help establish priorities for the research activities at the NRMCA Research Laboratory.

  7. To develop new technical publications and research/education programs.

  8. To facilitate information dispersal and consultation on technical matters with industry members and customers.

  9. To develop ideas and to be available for technical consultation for technical research and education supported by the RMC Research & Education Foundation.




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