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Laboratory Goals

  • Conduct applied research for the benefit of the concrete industry

  • Conduct contract testing, and provide consultative assistance to the concrete industry

Laboratory Credentials

  • Inspected by Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL)

  • Accredited by the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP)

Laboratory Facility

  • 5000 square foot all tilt-up concrete building with extensive outdoor test area

  • Moist room, 100°F, 140°F controlled rooms, 70°F/50% Relative Humidity room

  • Classroom area, concrete mixing area, aggregate processing area, ovens

Here are some of the problems we can help you solve

  • Interpreting Concrete Specifications

  • Optimizing Concrete Mixtures for Durability, Sustainability and other Requirements

  • Material/Product Evaluation

  • Improving Concrete Quality including Testing Quality

  • Complying with codes and standards influencing ready mixed concrete

  • Performance based Specifications

  • Developing a quality plan for producing ready mixed concrete


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For more information or quotes please contact Stuart Sherman or (240) 485-1173




click here for the NRMCA Research Lab Brochure



Selected Past Research Projects

  • Tests on concrete admixtures (1945-1959)

  • Fly ash in concrete (1954)

  • Portland blast furnace slag cement in concrete (1959)

  • Core tests of in-place concrete (1960)

  • Effect of sand particle shape on concrete properties (1961-1970)

  • Drying shrinkage of concrete (1962)

  • Effect of curing on compressive strength of concrete (1969)

  • Truck mixer studies for batching sequence and mixing variations (1970-75)

  • Uniformity of fly ash from a single source (1988)

  • Testing of more than 150 aggregate sources nationwide for alkali aggregate reactions (1994, 1998)

  • Use of plastic returned concrete in ready mixed concrete (1995)

  • Use of wash water in ready mixed concrete (1997)

Selected Past Achievements in Standards Development

  • ASTM C94 criteria on the reuse of mixer wash water

  • Use of 4x8 in. cylinders for strength testing (ASTM C39)

  • Precision statement for the AASHTO microwave oven test

  • Tolerance requirements for high strength concrete testing (ASTM C39)

  • Proper use of pad caps for compressive strength (ASTM C1231)

  • Modified moisture conditioning of cores (ASTM C42)

“Recipient of 1998 Arthur R. Anderson Award, American Concrete Institute”

Selected Recent Research Projects

  • Crushed returned concrete as aggregate

  • Optimizing cementitious content in concrete mixtures

  • Higher fly ash concrete with acceptable performance

  • New permeability tests and performance criteria

  • Pervious concrete mixture proportioning

  • Effect of continuous (well-graded) aggregate grading

Selected Research Reports





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