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Build With Strength Radio Ads

Inspired by an NRMCA member, Build With Strength has produced two radio ads for members to place in their local markets to promote Build With Strength and concrete construction. Based on the original “Let’s Talk about Strength” video used to launch the Build with Strength initiative, the 30 second and 60 second ads are now available for download.

Build With Strength Webinars

An initiative of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association to promote the use of concrete products for pavement due to their safety, resilience, and long-term value. Our mission is to give provide designers, engineers, contractors, owners, and developers the tools necessary to pave ahead—which means thinking smarter, going beyond conventional methods, and leading the way in adopting new and innovative technology. Choosing concrete creates a durable and more sustainable future. It’s that simple.


For help with your pavement project visit PaveAhead.com or contact Brian Killingsworth or (210) 508-4923.


CONCRETE TRACKER.org | A collection of building and paving project case studies. 



2018 State of the Industry


Build With Strength Monthly Advocacy Report

You can now track Build With Strength advocacy efforts with our new BWS Monthly Advocacy Report. Each month we’ll outline the state and local measures BWS is actively tracking and working on for the ready mixed concrete industry. There is no shortage of pro-wood industry activity at the state and local level. Stay informed, organize and activate! For more information, contact John Loyer.


Build With Strength Logos can be found here.


Click on the image below or
here for Build With Strength Brand Guidelines



Click on the image below or here for the Concrete Design Center Brochure (DAP for buildings)

NRMCA offers free concrete project design and technical assistance to help convert wood and steel buildings to concrete. The Concrete Design Center experts can help select the right concrete solution for a wide variety of projects, from multi-family residential/mixed use to industrial and health care facilities. Click here to submit your project or below to download the brochure.




Build With Strength Webinar Series


Learn how you can help transform the way we build by joining NRMCA for this free webinar series. Communicate, educate, advocate and convert are the key strategies to increase market share of concrete in the low/mid-rise building market. Since its launch in 2016, the Build With Strength initiative has helped bolster concrete’s position in the low and mid-rise building markets. Join NRMCA to learn how you can engage in the concrete industry’s most comprehensive promotion program ever.




Build With Strength Update Webinars

February 27, 2018

  • Click here to watch the webinar

  • Click here to download a PDF of the webinar

  • Click here to download a PDF of the sample
    Design Recommendations report


  • Click here to download a PDF of the Insurance study


State and Local Government Affairs


NRMCA encourages the adoption of statewide legislation that benefits the built environment to make it more durable, resilient, and sustainable. NRMCA can assist in the adoption of statewide or local legislation by providing example model language.



Model Legislation


Building Code Adoption by State





Wood First Legislation


There is strong movement in a number of states to legislate the use of wood over other building materials for state funded projects. As you would expect, this preferential treatment of one material over another has its roots in regions with strong forestry and timber industries and powerful lobby groups. This legislation is referred to as Wood First Initiative named after the original legislation signed into law in British Columbia, Canada.

Clearly, the effects of this legislation are potentially devastating to the concrete industry and NRMCA has developed a strategy to stem the adoption of more Wood First legislation in other regions. To enable this strategy, we must first become aware of the complex relationship between green certifications, local politics, and the competitive drive for market share between all industries.

Since the arrival of the International Building Code in 2000, there have been a number of provisions that have been favorable to wood construction:

  • Including new definitions of some use groups and types of construction (e.g., Type III), which allow more wood construction

  • Allowing sprinklered buildings with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13 systems to contain one additional story, and to be increased in height 20 feet

  • Permitting fire walls of combustible material in a Type V building, which allows the structure to be divided into separate buildings, each subject to its own height and area limits

  • Allowing the area for single-story buildings that are sprinklered to be increased to 300 percent of the tabular area

  • Permitting asymmetric testing for fire resistance rating (testing from the inside only) where the distance to the property line is at least five feet

Wood First Local Action Agenda


NRMCA Launches Build With Strength Campaign


Since the inception of the Softwoods Lumber Board in 2012, the wood industry has invested at least $33 million to promote wood applications. As the residential building and non-residential building sectors represent approximately three quarters of all potential for concrete, it is vital that the concrete industry unite to combat this encroachment into traditional concrete markets. The accompanying graph shows that the wood industry has been successful in wrestling share away from concrete over the last decade in the mid-rise market.



To protect concrete markets, NRMCA has launched Build With Strength, a multi-million dollar coordinated industry campaign to better educate the design/build and code communities about the benefits of concrete construction in the low to mid-rise sector and in general. The program is based on a significant research investment made by NRMCA to better understand the motivations behind the use of certain construction materials, including concrete. The research showed that a great majority of the design/build community was favorable to concrete construction because of attributes like strength, durability and ease of use. However, certain misconceptions about cost and environmental impact often led decision makers to choose less safe building materials such as wood and wood products.

The campaign relies on an unprecedented communications strategy that includes a Build with Strength branded web site, video content, a multi-city media tour, rapid response capabilities, advertising, social media properties, and stakeholder engagement opportunities. Additionally, the campaign is designed to drive industry and project decision makers to resources such as Webinars and live seminars for technical support and design assistance while also building an advocacy network that will support concrete’s position in building codes, standards and rating systems at the state and local level.


"With Build With Strength we will re-energize the concrete industry and better position concrete products in the construction marketplace,” said Ted Chandler, NRMCA chairman and president of Chandler Concrete Co., Inc. “This initiative will serve as a united voice reminding people inside and outside of the industry that no product is as safe, strong or durable as ready mixed concrete."

How Can NRMCA Members, State Affiliates and Industry Organizations Support Building Promotion?

  1. Pass a Board Resolution – Support the building promotion program

  2. Understand Change – Developers are using wood frame to building low- to mid-rise buildings

  3. Be Entrepreneurial – Promote concrete as the material of choice for buildings

  4. Use Industry Communication Messages – Reinforce the branding and messaging of the building promotion program 

  5. Use Industry Resources – Use the promotional, technical and human resources available through NRMCA and its partners

  6. Assist Changing Local Building Codes – Help NRMCA change local building codes that make building safer and more resilient

  7. See Opportunities – Be the eyes and ears of the industry. Identify developers (your customers) who might be open to concrete solutions for their projects

To download a PDF of the “Seven Things” Summary, click here.



NRMCA Low/Mid-Rise Promotion Plan


At its meetings in September, the NRMCA Board of Directors took decisive action and approved a plan to regain share for concrete in the building segment. The plan builds on existing strategies that have demonstrated success in other markets. In particular, NRMCA’s Design Assistance Program (DAP) for parking lots and streets has yielded success rate of over 50% in favor of concrete. The new building promotion program proposes a DAP for buildings whereby NRMCA will provide developers and their design consultants with preliminary designs, cost estimates and operating cost benefits with the purpose of influencing them to use concrete framing for their projects. Other strategies include communications, education and codes advocacy.



NRMCA Webinar: The Seven Things You Can Do To Place More Concrete in Buildings

Are you tired of watching wood buildings going up and wondering why they are not concrete? Are you wondering you can change this alarming trend? Come learn about the seven things you can do to help win back share of concrete in buildings from wood and steel. In September 2015, the NRMCA Board of Directors adopted a comprehensive building promotion plan to stem and regain concrete’s loss of market share in the low/mid-rise buildings market. There are three main strategies. The key strategy is direct project promotion where NRMCA, members and industry partners work directly with developers to provide technical support and design assistance with the primary objective of converting wood and steel designs to concrete. Two other strategies provide support including communications and advocacy. This webinar will layout the seven basic steps towards gaining back that lost share and increase the amount of concrete placed in buildings.

View a recording of the webinar

Download a PDF of the presentation

Download of Seven Things Summary



Contact Lionel Lemay, LLemay@nrmca.org or 847-918-7101.



To effectively move the ready mixed concrete industry ahead, experience has shown the benefit of promotion groups working together, the importance of quality promotion tools and the usefulness of measurement in quantifying the results of promotion efforts.

NRMCA’s promotion program embraces these fundamentals with a particular focus on building relationships with specifiers to support and educate them about new concrete applications. We also provide promotional tools, resources, and training for our industry while facilitating promotion cooperation and coordination with partner associations at every level. The strongest promotion focus for NRMCA is on parking areas, streets and roads and low/mid-rise buildings including support for pervious concrete, roller compacted concrete, tilt-up and insulated concrete forms (ICFs).


Join us in helping make ready mixed concrete the construction material of choice—for today, tomorrow and ages to come.



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