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Program Overview



Turn driver training over to your

 own trained “Mentor-Driver” and you can count on great results.



The Mentor Driver Program®

An effective, continuous training system for ready mixed concrete mixer drivers.

What Is It?: The NRMCA/Morse Bros. Mentor Driver Program® is an exciting instructional tool that establishes an effective, continuous training system for ready mixed concrete mixer drivers. A proven success for over 15 years, the Mentor Driver Program®, with support from your company, will make your drivers a more integral and highly supportive element of your ready mixed concrete delivery team. This program is a complete training package that encourages active learning engagement among drivers, driver-peer trainers, and driver supervisors.

How Does It Work?: A company selects one or two lead or senior drivers to interact with their peers as mentors. The newly elected mentor drivers initially participate in a two-day training seminar. It teaches them how to facilitate internal training programs. They then return to their plant and implement the Mentor Driver Program®, which is a weekly 15-minute training session for their fellow drivers.


1. Mentor Drivers have the respect of their peers: Peer-to-peer training is a proven effective way of gaining attention and delivering critical information. No top-down management issues.

2. Mentor Drivers are thoroughly trained: Mentor Drivers are comprehensively trained in a professionally developed system that has produced over 350 graduates in the past decade.

3. Mentor Drivers use a comprehensive library of DVDs: Once a week for 20 minutes or less, Mentor Drivers use a library of 80+ professionally developed DVDs on critical safety and operations issues.

4. Mentor Drivers lead discussions: Mentor Drivers guide conversation with easy-to-use discussion sheets. Peer-to-peer conversation really helps learning stick.

5. Mentor Drivers make training work: Ask any of the dozens of companies that follow the Mentor Driver program®. They’ll tell you about improvements in safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

6. Mentor Drivers free YOUR TIME: With a trained Mentor Driver at the wheel of your training program, you can use your time to tackle other pressing issues. You’ll save time and money and get great results.

The Mentor Driver Program consists of:

  • Over 80 lessons >>Check out the comprehensive and regularly growing library of Mentor Driver titles
  • Each DVD lesson reinforces a key, immediately applicable skill and concept
  • For Mentor Driver System-trained facilitators: A guide for the mentor driver to refer back to
  • For Mentor Driver System-trained facilitators: A quiz for the driver at the end of the lesson to check retention
  • Future Mentor Driver System companies select a library of 52 of the 83 DVDs as part of their initial program purchase. Additional DVDs may be purchased at a later date as needed.

Dozens of companies have trained Mentor Drivers and have a library of continuously valuable DVDs. Shouldn't you be a part of it too? For more information on the program, click here or contact NRMCA's Shawnita Dickens at 1-888-846-7622 x1154 or by e-mail, sdickens@nrmca.org.


Here are a few pictures from a recent Mentor Driver training. Make sure your Mentor Driver is in the next session.




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