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Mixer Driver Recruitment & Retention
Survey Reports


Please participate in the 2018 Mixer Driver Recruitment & Retention Survey.

Deadline to participate is June 30, 2018.



It’s that time of the year to complete NRMCA’s Annual Mixer Driver Recruitment & Retention Survey. With the results typically reflecting 30% of all mixer drivers, the data collected accurately supports your efforts to hire and retain the workforce needed to meet your market’s demand for concrete delivery.

To help you collect your data, CLICK HERE for a copy of the survey questions. While it duplicates the online survey, your responses can ONLY be submitted online.

If your company has multiple geographic divisions, please fill out 1 survey per region – hiring is local. The biggest data swing is in the regional analysis.

All respondents and their answers are anonymous and confidential. We cannot tell who filled out the survey.

Deadline is June 30, 2018.

Comments, questions, and concerns are always welcome.

Results will be released in September at ConcreteWorks.

Download the 2017 survey’s results:


Click here to download the Executive Summary

Members click here to download the full report


Click here for the 2017 Infographic



Click here to download the 2016 Executive Summary


Click here for the 2016 Infographic


Members click here to download the full report




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