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In October 2010, the Operations Environmental and Safety (OES) Committee established a new task group, Human Resource. The Task Groupís integration within OES was because, overwhelmingly, OES represents the largest body of employees directly affected by the people processes of the organization. According to the 2010 NRMCA Industry Data Survey that figure is 88% of the estimated 125,000 industry employees, equating to those employees directly responsible for 92% of producersí average of expenses.

Therefore, it is vital that the task groupís mission is to help producers integrate strategic and business-centric values into people-management, which includes acting as a facilitator of dynamic change. The Task Groupsí members will include human Resource, human capital management and talent management professionals and supervisors.



The Task groupís goal is threefold:

  1. Provide a powerful, working network for ready mixed concrete producersí HR peers. Since a HR professional plays an integral role with senior management to assess risk and benefits from a people perspective, ultimately the HR professional must be fully versed in the corporate business strategies. As the lead guide for dynamic change that will/might impact the people processes (both positively and negatively) and then help develop the tactics to implement and maintain those processes so a producer has the right people in the right places at the right time, it is critical the industry offer HR specialists a conduit to share information in this current business climate. Because so many HR specialists include responsibility in the safety area, the idea exchange will better support understanding of regulatory compliance includes the responsibility to produce measurable safe working proficiencies and processes.

  2. Act as consultants to supervisors who manage people who are NOT in the HR function. These people most directly touch the entire scope of a producerís workforce. The task groupís goal is to not only help them become versatile in day-to-day traditional people supervisory functions, (interviewing, managing/coaching job processes and skill requirements, training, executing performance measures, dealing with organized labor, but also understand how to implement the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish a producerís execution of the business strategy.

  3. Work closely with the Business Administration Committee (BAC) as it focuses on the strategic, market trend changes, and project industry-wide financial impact. All on the HR Task Group are welcome to join BAC meeting. The specific liaisons to BAC will be the Human Resource Task Group Chair Chair and Vice Chair.

Additionally, this group manages the annual Effective Supervisor Certification course and contributes to Concrete In Focusí , ďWorkplace Q & A.Ē


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