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Job Safe



“A driver initiated program”



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There have always been challenges when attempting to implement Job Site Safety initiatives. Job sites can be full of hazardous conditions. They may be congested, cluttered, dark or may have uneven ground and poor access. Material suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, builders and the general public must all understand how they impact job site safety. Though all play a role, most are unaware of just how their involvement, whether expected or not, affects safety on their project. Contractors, for example, are typically prepared to receive their concrete but not necessarily prepared for its delivery...

Enter JOB SAFE, a sensible approach to address these concerns, educate those who are directly or indirectly involved and create a cultural shift in thinking that ultimately ensures safe delivery of concrete to the job site.

JOB SAFE exists to reduce construction job site incidents and provide our ready mix drivers with a clear standard to follow so that they may effectively address conditions and anticipate potential safety issues for any job.

The JOB SAFE mission is to develop a culture change through an elite partnership between ready mix producers, industry associations and the construction Industry by focusing on job site safety. JOB SAFE will establish guidelines to assist with jobsite safety through education, awareness, and communication.

While less than desirable conditions have unfortunately become more acceptable throughout the nation, we are unwilling to sacrifice our high safety standards which, directly impact the occurrence of job site incidents involving our deliver equipment, more importantly construction workers. Too often ready mix trucks are asked to enter sites that place them in unsafe conditions. In order to safely continue delivery efforts, it became apparent that we needed to take initiative and help contractors improve conditions of their projects in a way that will ultimately ensure job sites are free from potential hazards.

Safety Committee meetings have supported what is now a thriving program that has drastically improved job site conditions for our employees and we are optimistic about its possible impact on job site safety industry-wide.

JOB SAFE, resulted from an idea proposed by a driver, Lance Morgan and Dave Conklin, in Phoenix, Arizona. Their initial proposal called for a dramatic, new approach to improving driver safety and included not only safety standard recommendations but also advanced planning with the customer prior to the delivery of product.


The JOB SAFE program provides active customer involvement, continues to elevate the importance of high safety standards, ensures the job site meets a higher standard of safety, and keeps our industry workers safe.

JOB SAFE prescribes a pre-planning process that includes a checklist of potential risk factors that the customer needs to consider in making sure the job site is ready for a safe delivery. Customers are provided a complete truck description that includes specific weights and measurements. All pre-planning meetings include reviews detailed site conditions, assessments of driver access, potential debris dangers, and maneuverability factors as they relate to grade level and required space for delivery equipment.

JOB SAFE meetings with contractors, managers, sales representatives and drivers have made it the successful program that is has become. Additionally, brand-specific tools call attention to the program and its unique attributes with truck decals, brochure collateral, and customizable, branded presentations.

Not only is JOB SAFE supported by those at the highest executive level at CEMEX but it is also supported by the Arizona Rock Products Association and the Arizona Concrete Promotion Council. JOB SAFE is being adopted by CEMEX operations throughout the US in the coming year.

JOB SAFE is a program that can be duplicated for all industry companies and contractors. The program was designed to not have any association with a particular company, but our industry. We are encouraged to participate with NRMCA in the hopes they can adopt the program and sponsor it at a national level to all member companies.







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