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Concrete Plant Operator's Manual


Jointly prepared by the Concrete Plant Manufacturers Bureau and NRMCA, this manual is a comprehensive guide for the batch plant operator. It includes valuable information on materials, batch tolerance and aggregate moisture, calculations, plant maintenance, safety and more.


Member Price: $23.00  |  Item #2P159

Truck Mixer Driver's Manual


This manual educates truck mixer drivers about concrete and customer relations. Recently completely updated, it also highlights driver duties, safety precautions, equipment inspection / maintenance procedures, and more. This 74-page manual is easy to understand and contains common-sense information that every driver should know.


Member Price: $12.00  |  Item #2P188

Guide to Preparing Job Descriptions (CD-ROM)


This NRMCA guide has been completely revised and is now in CD-ROM form (MS Word). It includes over 200 sample job descriptions submitted by some of the leading concrete firms in the country. These job descriptions can be easily downloaded and customized for your company's use.


Member Price: $46.00  |  Item #2P183


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LEED Reference Guide - 2nd Edition (1-5 copies)


Much new public construction, and more and more private sector construction, is now required to be LEED Certified. This guide will help educate specifiers about the energy-saving and pro-environmental benefits of concrete and the LEED credits that it can provide to projects. It also supports your profitability with information about improving the environmental performance of your business and concrete.


Member Price: $15.00 | Item #2PLEED1

"Environmentally Sound Practice in the RMC Industry" Kit

This video-based training package is designed to educate and enhance the environmental awareness of all RMC industry employees. In addition to a 17-minute video, the kit includes NRMCA's popular Environmental Management Practices (Item #2P191), a package of 20 Best Practices guides for distribution as a reference handbook for trainees, and a 10-page facilitator's guide.


Member Price: $115.00 | Item #2PENVKIT

Concrete Plant Environmental Audit Checklist

This 35-page checklist was created by NRMCA, as a service to its members, to provide a tool for measuring the extent of environmental compliance at ready mixed concrete plants. It helps RMC producers evaluate their facilities in order to determine the extent to which they are operating in an environmentally sound manner and complying with potentially applicable environmental regulations and statutes.


Member Price: $17.00 | Item #2PENVCK


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Cement Burn Prevention Program

This training program and kit provides the ready mixed concrete producer with tools that can be used to communicate the cement burn hazard to employees and customers. Kit includes: truck decals, poster (with photographs), sample warning language, summary of tort issues surrounding cement burns, sample material safety data sheet, sample delivery ticket (which can be modified for your needs). A new module for management and legal counsel covering successful strategies for communicating to customers about the potential for cement burns.


Member Price: $75.00 | Item #2PCB180

Mixer Drum Cleaning Program


This CD-based PowerPoint presentation and instructor notes illustrates the danger involved in cleaning the mixer drums of hardened concrete. Lockout / tagout of the mixer drum and a sample LO/TO procedure are discussed, along with the duties of the rescue personnel and the entrant, attendant, and entry supervisor in confined-space operations. A training documentation form and quiz are enclosed to help keep track of personnel training.


Member Price: $75.00 | Item #2PMD

Lock-Out / Tag-Out / Try-Out Program


This CD-based powerpoint presentation and instructor notes illustrate the details of a companies' lockout / tagout / tryout program. The sources of hazardous energy at an RMC facility, LO/TO of the mixer drum, and a sample mixer drum LO/TO procedure are discussed. Sample equipment-specific LO/TO forms are enclosed, along with a sample LO/TO logbook and a LO/TO plan. Finally,  a quiz and training documentation form are enclosed to help keep track of personnel training.


Member Price: $75.00 | Item #2PLOTO



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