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Ten Guiding Principles of Environmental Stewardship

(Summarization Only)

  1. Top Management Commitment
    Make top management commitments to improve environmental performance through policies and programs.

  2. Compliance Assurance
    Implement environmental auditing, assessment and improvement programs to identify and correct current and potential compliance problems and work to improve overall environmental performance.


  3. Enabling Systems
    Develop and foster implementation of environmental management systems (EMS) which provide a framework for ensuring day-to-day environmental compliance.


  4. Measurement and Continual Improvement
    Develop measures of environmental performance to demonstrate adherence to these Principles. Periodically assess the programs toward meeting the organizations environmental goals and tie results to actions in improving environmental performance.


  5. Public Communications
    Voluntarily make available to the public, information on the organizations environmental performance relative to these Principles (i.e., website).


  6. Industry Leadership
    Work with other companies to improve industry-wide environmental compliance and overall environmental performance.


  7. Community Environmental Stewardship
    Promote and give support to environmental stewardship and sustainable development in the community in which the facility resides.


  8. Awareness & Outreach
    Work cooperatively to ensure that increased awareness is achieved through proactive outreach and community initiatives (i.e., website).


  9. Training and Development
    Key environmental training requirements are identified and programs developed and supported by top management.


  10. Research and Demonstration
    Conduct development initiatives and solutions that drive environmental performance excellence and share lessons learned. The Ready Mixed Concrete Research and Education Foundation will support environmental initiatives.


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