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M2M Benefits Program

NRMCA’s Member to Member Benefits Program Points Customers Your Way

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association represents the companies that place more than half of all the ready mixed concrete in the U.S. Leverage your company’s NRMCA membership to reach this important customer base through NRMCA’s M2M Benefits Program that helps you help ready mix producers find the goods and services they need.

Through the M2M Benefits Program, NRMCA will work with you to help spread the word to producers about any special “NRMCA Members’ Only” rebate programs, discount pricing, or other member to member benefits offered. Your participation not only adds value to your NRMCA membership, it also adds to the benefits of belonging for your producer customers.

Who can participate?

Only associate members in good standing are eligible to participate.


What does a company have to do to participate?             

  1. Offer special pricing discounts on goods and/or services, rebate programs, or other incentives to NRMCA producer members. The discount, rebate or incentive must be exclusive to your fellow NRMCA member companies.

  2. Complete the M2M Benefits Program Enrollment Form.

  3. Work with NRMCA to make the program a success!


What will NRMCA do?   

  1. NRMCA will send an introductory email about your company’s M2M Benefit to our full Producer member mailing list to reach the broadest possible audience. 

  2. NRMCA will list your M2M Benefit on a dedicated M2M Benefits Program page on our website, including your company logo linked to a designated website. 

  3. NRMCA will work with you to craft targeted email lists for you to use in your marketing efforts.

  4. NRMCA will encourage producer members to visit the M2M Benefits Program webpage through email and E-News.

  5. NRMCA will work with you to verify producer company eligibility.


Suggestions for making the program a success:

  1. Create a dedicated landing page for NRMCA members where they can get information about your M2M Benefit and learn more about your company.

  2. Offer monthly or quarterly incentives to keep customers coming back.

  3. Provide testimonials from other NRMCA members.


Enroll NOW to be listed as a M2M Benefit provider!

The fine print: Neither membership in the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association nor participation in the M2M Benefits Program can in any way be construed as an endorsement, explicit or implicit, of any company, product or service by the Association. NRMCA accepts no responsibility in any dispute between supplier and customer. The M2M Benefits Program is intended solely as an informational service. Participating companies are responsible for insuring all M2M Benefit information is correct and up-to-date.

Contact: Jacques Jenkins, jjenkins@nrmca.org, 240/485-1165



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