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Developing Industry Leaders (DIL)

Nominate Your Company’s Rising Star for the 2017-2018 Developing Industry Leaders (DIL) Program


DIL applications are due Thursday, June 15th, 2017 | Click here to download application

About the Program...
NRMCA initiated the Developing Industry Leaders (DIL) program in 2004. It provides a venue for a limited number of middle managers from across the country to work with an eclectic group of peers as they strategically address an industry issue over a minimum of two years while developing networking/peer group connections.

Professional Development
Individuals completing the Developing Industry Leaders program may also submit the activity for 12 hours of elective credit toward NRMCA STEPS® certification.

Questions? Contact Eileen Dickson, NRMCA’s Vice President of Education, for further details.

This program is a minimum of a two-year commitment for 24 individuals. It differs from other leadership programs in that it exposes participants to big issues that impact the industry nationwide. The first year is the most intense time when individuals form teams with others from across the country, each group choosing a separate industry challenge to research and strategize solutions. During their second year, the whole DIL group re-forms over the summer for a two-day networking and leadership workshop, exclusively developed for them. We believe this experience broadens participants’ understanding of our industry while giving them the opportunity to with other developing leaders across the country.

Once selected, this year’s cohort group is expected to work over the summer via conference calls. They are required to attend ConcreteWorks in Dallas, October 1-3. The program will start with a half-day launch workshop where they will also be placed in their small working research team. Over the Fall and Winter, the team works on their issue further. At the March 2018 NRMCA Annual Convention, they will present their findings to NRMCA’s membership. Once done, individuals are asked to make a long-term commitment to move their team’s initiative(s) forward by joining, and attending, the appropriate NRMCA committee’s meetings twice a year. Additionally, they may attend NRMCA’s semi-annual Board Meetings to watch senior level executives deliberate and make strategic decisions that impact the industry both short and long term.

Please read the application materials carefully. It is an exciting development opportunity for your middle managers—to meet other industry leaders, advance their leadership skills and network with other individuals at the same career development level.


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