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National Auditing Services Consulting (NASC) has been specializing in Utility Cost Recovery for more than 30 years, with a 76% success rate and NASC has an (A+) rating with the BBB. NASC is a utility auditing and cost recovery service helping businesses reduce one of their top overhead business expenses, one that is unavoidable and a must in order to run a business – Utility Bills.

Using proprietary developed software, NASC can review client’s energy bills to verify billing errors associated with estimated meter reads, meter malfunction, meter multipliers, incorrect rates, tariffs, surcharges, and many other billing components that are not visible by ones accounting department.

NASC’s cost recovery service is done on a contingency basis with no upfront costs from any NRMCA member. If they do not uncover any overcharges, there are no costs paid to NASC.

NRMCA members will be able to take advantage of the following offering:

NRMCA Members will receive a 10% discount and pay NASC “Forty Percent” (40%) rather than the normal “Fifty Percent” (50%), for ONLY one of the following:

A. 46% of any refund, credit, or savings obtained or located for historical savings. If no historical refunds or credits can be obtained then NASC will be entitled to:

B. 46% of any future refunds, credits or savings obtained or located for a future of thirty-six (36) months (hereinafter collectively “Fee”). A Fee shall be due when the benefit of the adjustment is actually received by the client. Refunds, credits, or savings are defined as obtaining either a refund check, an offset against open charges, or an offset or reduction in future charges. In the event of no refund, credit, or savings is obtained then no fee shall be due to NASC from the client.

Program Limitations/Exceptions:

All payments for Fees are due within 30 days of being invoiced. Any payment made after the 30-day grace period shall be assessed an interest charge of 1.5% per month.

To take advantage of this special offer or for questions:

Please contact Bob Antoville at (914) 649-1300. Make sure to let him know you are an NRMCA member.

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