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CrownSource is a leader in delivering exclusive savings programs through innovative procurement technology solutions to transportation & specialty fleet industries.

CrownSource combines spend analytics & benchmarking, sourcing & contracting, and procurement best-practice expertise with our innovative business (B2B) procurement technology solutions, making it easy and convenient for companies to reduce costs across their fleet, maintenance shops, facilities, safety programs, office & breakrooms, and much more.

Whether you own one vehicle or manage a fleet of one-thousand or more, CrownSource has a proven savings solution for you.

NRMCA Members will be able to take advantage of the following offering:

CrownSource can save small-to-medium sized fleets up to 48% and large fleets that operate multiple locations as much as 34%.

These discounts are made available through our state-of-the-art eCommerce Marketplace, built specifically for transportation & specialty fleet industries; and customizable for large fleet, multi-location companies.

Program Limitations or Exceptions:

None. CrownSource has savings solutions no matter how big or small a company is.

To take advantage of this special offer :

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To learn more how you can start saving now, please visit our website.

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