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NEW! Watch a video demonstration of pervious concrete

GreenConcrete.info | NRMCA's Sustainable Development Portal


Even when it's gray,
concrete is green.

Concrete's environmentally friendly features make it the building material of choice for sustainability....meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability's influence of development decisions is growing rapidly. More and more money is flowing to sustainable development. Sustainability drives LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). LEED is the set of green building specifications being adopted by a significant and growing number of governments and large developers.

More>>  LEED Reference Guide: 
Download PDF

Green Rooftops: Green roof tops built on cost-effective waterproof concrete provide insulation to reduce to building energy use, reduce heat-island effects, reduce storm water runoff by absorbing rain, and reduce air pollution by processes airborne toxins and re-oxygenates the air.

More>>  About Green Roof Tops

Concrete's lighter color also reduces heat-island effects

Concrete also supports recycling in that it can be made using by-products from manufacturing and power plants, reducing landfill needs. Its service life is measured in decades, but when the end finally comes, concrete can be crushed and recycled as a high-quality aggregate for hundreds of applications. Concrete is also green in that it is manufactured locally, and unlike asphalt, it produces no toxic runoff


Pervious Concrete: Pervious concrete pavement has a 15-25% void structure, allowing 3-8 gallons of water per minute to pass through each square foot. When it rains, pervious drains, putting water back in the ground where it belongs. More>>

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Web Sites and Magazine Articles

Parking Lots - ConcreteParking.org

Pervious - PerviousPavement.org

Green Parking - Concrete in Focus (PDF)

Events and Seminars

Concrete Technology Forum

Pervious Concrete - Continuing Education for Architects, Engineers and Landscapers.

Brochures and More to View and Buy

Concrete's Contribution to Sustainable Development Promotion Brochure

Pervious Concrete Promo Brochure - When it Rains, it Drains | Download PDF | Purchase

Pervious CIP "How To" | View | Purchase

Pervious Concrete Pavement (NRMCA/PCA Technical Document)

Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Pervious  Concrete (Technical) | Purchase | Download PDF

Pervious Concrete: Hydrological Design and Resources | One copy | 5 or more copies

Pervious Concrete at the LEED-Certified East Atlanta Library

LEED Reference Guide: PurchaseDownload

Concrete CO2 Fact Sheet  | Download PDF


Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification Program Info | Reference Text


Pervious reduces energy it takes to clear snow,

provides a safer and neater environment.



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