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Transportation & Infrastructure

NRMCA supports a fully funded, long-term highway bill that includes a sustainable funding mechanism in order to provide reliability to state Departments of Transportation and the construction industry. Making continued wise investments to build and maintain our nation’s surface transportation network ensures the nation’s safety, economic growth, prosperity, mobility, environmental responsibility and international competitiveness. Congress must find a solution to fix the Highway Trust Fund to ensure continued economic growth and infrastructure development.



NRMCA strives for our members to understand and comply with all state and federal regulations, while acting as good citizens of the communities in which we operate. Our members work with federal, state and local regulatory agencies to develop and foster successful partnerships in order to proactively address environmental issues that affect the ready mixed concrete industry in a manner that is beneficial to both the environment and our industry.



NRMCA represents 2,200 ready mixed concrete companies nationwide that employ thousands of workers in the industry. NRMCA has concerns over the actions of the National Labor Relations Board as well as the Obama administration on labor policy. NRMCA actively works to ensure that the interests of the ready mixed concrete industry on labor policy are heard on Capitol Hill.



NRMCA supports a comprehensive tax reform package that simplifies the tax code, grows the national economy and enables businesses to create jobs.


Resilient Construction

Incentivizing stronger, more durable construction of today’s residential and commercial buildings increases occupant safety, reduces costs associated with maintenance and reconstruction, and reduces their environmental footprint. Resilient construction builds safe buildings. This in turn: preserves the built environment, both residential and commercial; reduces public and private disaster aid; increases building occupant safety; reduces costs of building maintenance; and maintains employment in businesses and institutions that might otherwise be forced to close following a man-made or natural catastrophe.

Resilient construction works. After Hurricane Andrew, Florida adopted one of the most stringent building codes in the nation for its coastal areas. Just three years after the new codes went into effect they were tested, as Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne struck Florida within a six-week period. Post-hurricane analysis has found that while Charley’s winds affected more than 12,000 homes to some degree, not one of those designed and built under the new, strengthened construction rules suffered structural damage.





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