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CCSP Module IV:


Professional Sales Skills Workshop - 24 hours


March 17 19, 2020 | Dallas, TX


online registration | fax-back flyer


Sales fundamentals for sales staff and all mid-level RM staff who interface with internal and external customers.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, NRMCA will not offer CCSP IV in 2019. Nevertheless, the exact same class will be offered by other organizations:

August 26-28, 2019,

Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA)
Contact Jessica Palmer, or (704) 717-9199
December 10-12, 2019


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For more information, contact NRMCA's Shawnita Dickens at 1-888-846-7622, ext. 1154 or by e-mail,


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3 Days of Highly Interactive, Industry-Specific Learning.


SESSION 1: The Changing Role of the Professional Salesperson
An overview of how the selling environment has changed, and how the salesperson must change as well. The professional salesperson's primary responsibilities are defined, along with the role of the consultative salesperson. Includes an exploration of what customers want, why they buy products and services, and an explanation of "the price game" and how to play it. There is also an introduction to the sales process, as well as an introduction to pre-call planning and preparation.


SESSION 2: Finding Potential Buyers
Three reasons why most salespeople don't do enough prospecting and eight keys to performing this critical function successfully. How to interface with the four different levels of decision makers. How to reach unreachable decision makers and using channels of access and influence. How to gain recognition and acceptance. Prospecting by telephone, and using a prospect information form. Telephone tips for extensive telephone marketing. How to develop better written communication skills, as well as how to be noticed in a sea of salespeople.


SESSION 3: Creating a Sales Plan
Learn the foundation of good planning, and discover the four key questions which result in successful planning. Explore eight important elements involved in planning. Implementing activities based on knowing the difference between efficiency and effectiveness, the learning how to apply Parado's Law. How to apply goal setting to sales planning effectively. Managing your time and territory.


SESSION 4: Presentation Skills
The purpose of presentations, deciding on a formal or informal approach, and effective presentation principles are covered in this section. Planning and conducting an effective presentation is detailed, using the three "R's." How to build value into your presentation and a discussion on features and benefits is included. Also covered: visuals and using the professionally, third-party testimonials, and references. An explanation of how to use personal stories offers the professional salesperson a "consultative arsenal" to sell "value" to prospects and customers.


SESSION 5: Discovering Customer Needs
How to effectively lead the discovery phase of the sales call, including how to handle premature requests for pricing. How to properly structure a series of probing questions to discover customer needs is offered. Also, an explanation of reflective questions, paraphrasing and re-framing, the three most powerful types of questions for sales success. Why "listening" is more than just a fundamental skill in today's consultative selling environment. Five ways to becoming a better listener are covered in this session.


SESSION 6: Responding to Buyer Concerns and Completing the Sale
An explanation of why buyers raise concerns or offer objections, as well as the reasons for resistance. The eight steps in clarifying concerns, and how to respond to them. An exploration of what happens when resistance is personal, how to effectively handle disagreements, and dealing with the emotional response to customer concerns. How to remove the procrastinator forward and overcome the skeptic. What to do when resistance seems insurmountable. When to get agreement, gain commitment and complete the sale.




They can learn to sell value, solutions and more at
Professional Sales Skills Workshop




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