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This seminar will show you how.



CCSP Module II:

Customer Business Knowledge


(20 hours)


Understanding the Concrete Contractor's Business




Next Class: To be announced


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Know how a contractor thinks, and you'll sell more concrete. Over more than 10 years, this NRMCA seminar has shown 5,000+ front-line RMC professionals what's important for contractors. During three information-packed days, your staff will learn what they need to know to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk with contractors. They'll learn more, you'll have more business and more satisfied customers.


Five sessions cover:
The Home Builder Overview

>> Commercial and Governmental Construction Industry Overview
>> Construction Documents and Reading Blueprints
>> Principles of Estimating Mathematical Equations and Formulas
Estimating Construction Projects, Project Planning and Scheduling


See the complete course description below and register anyone who has contact with customers.


More: Enhance your learning with these products and videos.


More Info: Shawnita Dickens,1-888-846-7622 x1154, email

Registration and Travel Information: Jessica Moore, 240-485-1152, email 


SESSION 1: The Home Builder Overview
Provides and understanding of residential builders, how construction activities are financed, how builders get paid, and their role in the building process in conjunction with subcontractors and vendors.


SESSION 2: Commercial and Governmental Construction Industry Overview
An overview of ready mixed concrete's use in commercial and government arenas, including the planning, design, and procurement phases of the construction process, as well as who participates, how construction projects are obtained and the types of contracts involved.


SESSION 3: Construction Documents and Reading Blueprints
Examines how to interpret construction documents and read blueprints. Provides and understanding on how to read construction plans, including abbreviations and symbols, as well as plot plans, basic floor plans, and elevation drawings. Also provides and understanding to be able to identify section and detail drawings as well as identifying architect's and engineer's scale.


SESSION 4: Principles of Estimating Mathematical Equations and Formulas
Presents the methods of estimating, including the quantity survey, unit price, and approximate methods. Identifies the four most common methods for creating a complete cost estimate. Explains the difference between direct and indirect costs. Provides definitions of standard units of measurement and terms as well as the how-to's of measuring and calculating two-and three- dimensional materials.


SESSION 5: Estimating Construction Projects, Project Planning and Scheduling
The benefits to your customer by having a working knowledge of what they do is supported through your understanding of how to prepare a bar chart schedule and CPM, understanding how labor is costed in the construction industry, recognizing standard construction scheduling terms, and understanding the components of a general contractor's bid and how they affect the project bid price.


NRMCA Suggests participants practice basic math skills used in the workshop before class begins; sample online problems available.


When in the Silver Spring / Washington DC Area...

NRMCA facilities are easy to get to and close to good dining, entertainment and culture.


This is a required course for the new Certified Concrete Professional (CCPf)

Management Certificate career track. Look for more information coming soon.





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