ConcreteWorks 2017 Seminar Descriptions

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Monday, October 2

1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Results of the 2016 Industry Data Survey | Business

We will review the results of the 2016 edition of the NRMCA Industry Data Survey and will also discuss possible outcomes for the current year given varying economic and political considerations. Detailed information concerning components of a cubic yard of concrete will be discussed as well as trend analysis of various industry metrics. You won’t want to miss this session as the information in the NRMCA Industry Data Survey is a unique compilation of data.


Truck Talk: Mixers, Engines and Transmissions | OES

Mixer truck manufacturing and technology is constantly evolving. Every year there are new questions about mixer truck parts, maintenance, purchasing, etc. This session aims to provide answers to many of those lingering questions by providing a forum for a panel of manufacturers of mixer trucks, engines and transmissions to give presentations about their newest product lines.


Quadruple the Quantity of Concrete on Building Projects Using the Concrete Design Center | BWS Logo

This session will present the strategies and tactics for converting projects from wood to concrete using the Build with Strength Concrete Design Center. Key members of the NRMCA building promotion team will outline the steps they take to approach key developers to present concrete options for low/mid-rise building projects. They will describe how concrete producers can take advantage of the Concrete Design Center to quadruple the quantity of concrete used on building projects. The session will also describe the tools and analytics NRMCA has to help members identify key projects and developers in their area and how they can facilitate introductions to the Concrete Design Center and the NRMCA team.


Ready Mixed Concrete for Pavements | Technology

Concrete mixtures for slip-form paving can be challenging. The mixture should be workable and without potential to edge slump. It should not crack and the pavement must be durable to last a long time under some very tough environments; importantly, concrete should be competitive in low-bid contracts. This presentation will discuss the basics of designing, delivering and assuring a mixture that meets these needs using locally available materials.


Monday, October 2

3:15 PM – 4:15 PM

What I Know, What I Think: Industry Consolidation, A Changing Public Funding Landscape & The Economic Cycle | Business

Cyber Security | Business

The cybersecurity landscape is dynamic and expected to remain turbulent in the coming years. News headlines are dominated by cyberattacks and security breaches that span all industries, causing concern among business leaders about the quality of their defense against data and productivity loss. This session will address types of cyber threats (ransomware, viruses, phishing, etc.), a profile of attackers, targets of attacks, how to respond in the event of a breach, and a multi-layered approach to protecting your company.


HR Highlights (three, 20-minute presentations) | OES

Leading by Influence, not Authority
Those in senior and middle manager positions are judged by the success of their staff. As a result, in this session managers will learn about how using influence or personal power, rather than their authority, will get employees buy-in, thus improving communications and productivity throughout the organization. Everyone possesses the potential to be powerful (influential). Increase your effectiveness as a leader from executive coach Rick Kolster, Peak Performance Group.

Federally Registered Apprenticeships: An Exciting Opportunity for Mixer Driver Recruitment
A labor shortage of mixer drivers is among NRMCA members' most critical concerns, but creating a Registered Apprenticeship program can enhance your recruiting and retention efforts and potentially offset training costs. FASTPORT, the U.S. Department of Labor's industry intermediary for the Transportation & Logistics sector, will outline how to develop a related training instruction (RTI) and on-the-job (OTJ) training program being followed by industry leaders. Emphasis will be on best practices and funding resources available to Registered Apprenticeship programs.

Recent Employment and Labor Law Initiatives Are Changing Your Workplace. Are you Aware?
Learn about the Department of Labor’s and the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) rulemakings and decisions that impact both union and non-union ready mixed concrete companies. This session will highlight the concerns that have evolved over the last 8 years and what the landscape may look like as we get further into the Trump Presidency.


PaveAhead: A Consistent Message for Local Paving Promotion and Technical Support | PaveAhead logo

The PaveAhead brand was developed to provide a recognizable platform for local paving with NRMCA members and our external industry partners and clients. The intent of branding the local paving efforts is to repeatedly communicate, in multiple ways with frequency and consistency, the beneficial attributes of ready mixed paving products to our members' client base. This session will tie together all the platforms available to promote, sell and technically support street and parking lot projects. NRMCA staff will introduce the PaveAhead website and Design Center, available industry material for promotion and technical support, and educational activities aimed at project level pursuits.


ConcreteWorks Software for Mass Concrete and Other Applications | Technology

ConcreteWorks software was funded and is used by TX DOT in its project specifications. It includes modules that can develop a thermal control plan for mass concrete, predict service life of concrete related to corrosion of reinforcing steel, prediction of strength based on maturity, predict potential for plastic and drying shrinkage and various other concepts to optimize concrete mixtures. Many of the predictive capabilities of the embedded models have been validated on actual structures. The presentation will outline the basis of the models with interesting case studies.


Tuesday, October 3

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

US Construction Spending, Labor and Materials Outlook | Business


Diesel Fuel | OES
Have you had an issue with eroded fuel lines or fuel storage tanks? Are you aware that that scenario could be materializing right now without you knowing? Due to new environmental fuel regulations, diesel fuel has and does pose a concern for ready mixed concrete producers. This session will detail the threat and what your company can do to protect against an accident.


State and Local Legislative Strategies that Favor Concrete Construction | Promotion 

This session that will present the strategies and tactics you can take to introduce legislation and regulations at the state and local level that can favor concrete construction. It will present the tools and resources available from NRMCA, including lobbying advice, bill writing, outreach and coalition building. NRMCA has a library of model legislations to address fire safety, resilience and sustainability, all of which place concrete in a favorable position. The session will also provide recommendations for defeating legislation that is detrimental to concrete at the state and local level and tie directly into NRMCA’s Build with Strength campaign that provides resources to help members and state affiliates advocate for resilient construction, including model legislation, talking points and public relations.


Innovations in Concrete Materials Technology (three 20-minute presentations) | Technology

Control Flow Concrete: The Next Generation of Flowable Concrete
High slump concrete has been around for 30+ years and Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) is now in its 2nd decade. Control flow concrete, a type of SCC, uses new technology to allow 24 in. slump flow with low powder contents and typical aggregate gradations and ratios.

IoT Solutions for Ready Mix Producers
As the Internet of Things (IoT) permeates our daily lives, so too is this technology beginning to enter the concrete industry. Novel IoT solutions will be presented along with project examples of field application and ready mix producer evaluations. Presented by Aali Alizadeh (Giatec Scientific, Inc.).

“Concrete Delivery Telematics – Unlocking the Easter Egg in the Truck”
In this day of computerized batch plants, we typically know all the details about how concrete is batched. Then the concrete goes into a truck and disappears into a wasteland of ambiguity. Today, through a combination of on-board computers, GPS and instrumentation, we can know more about what happens to the concrete delivery truck than ever before. Information about location, truck condition, driving conditions and concrete characteristics are at our fingertips. In this session, attendees will learn about some of the latest capabilities in concrete telematics.


Tuesday, October 3

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

State of the Industry | Business

We will discuss the current state of the ready mixed concrete industry from both the short and long-term perspectives and address such topics as population growth, current and historic ready mix production levels, Federal government intervention and other factors on the horizon regarding the industry in evaluating the state of business.


Safety Highlights (three 20-minute presentations) | OES

OSHA’s Impending Silica Rule: Industry Needs To Know
Absent any regulatory relief, in June 2018 the ready mixed concrete industry will be required to comply with a new, expensive and burdensome silica rule. This session will provide guidance from producers on silica testing, potential plant exposure areas and common remedies.

Truck Rollovers in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry
This session will detail the preliminary results of the 2017 NRMCA Rollover Survey. The survey will paint a picture of current mixer truck rollover trends in the industry compared to previous years.

Safety Rundown
From regulatory changes to citizen suits enforcing those regulations, this education session will cover updates on the latest safety issues, how they impact ready mixed concrete producers and what the industry can expect with the new Trump Administration’s policies.


NRMCA and Contractor Partnering: A Success Model for Moving Your Paving Market | PaveAhead

This session will present the strategies and tactics that concrete producers and concrete contractors can use to partner, sell, convert and build concrete paving projects. Members of the NRMCA local paving promotion team and an ASCC contractor will outline the steps they take to approach key clients to present concrete options for street and parking lot projects. They will also describe how concrete producers can take advantage of the PaveAhead Design Center and Boot Camps to convert projects to concrete. Lastly, the session will cover how NRMCA staff uses available data sources to help members and contractors identify projects, engineers and developers in their area and use this information to successfully gain paving market share.


How Can Mixer Drivers Positively Impact the Quality of Concrete | Technology

Ready mixed driver professionals have an impact on the condition of truck mixers and maintain custody of the product from the point concrete is batched to the point it is delivered to the jobsite. They are often the sole representative of the company at the jobsite and can document several aspects that can either impact the quality or cause an acceptable load to be rejected by improper testing. This seminar will provide ideas on how to empower drivers to positively impact quality of concrete.


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