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Ready Mixed Concrete Plant Certification 
A mark of quality.

More than forty years ago, NRMCA instituted its Plant Certification program in response to a series of concrete failures that were damaging the reputation of concrete as a building material.  Now, with almost 1,500 plants and 20,000 trucks certified across the nation, the program is seen as a mark of quality that can distinguish your company from its competitors.


And as a member of NRMCA, your company receives a large discount on the cost of certification.  For just $75 per plant (that's a $325 discount off the non-member price) and $12 per truck, you can show your customers that quality comes first!

The Benefits of Certification

Quality Assurance. The purchaser of ready mixed concrete is assured concrete is being obtained from quality-focused company. For larger projects, the NRMCA certification provides a means of verifying that production of ready mixed concrete conforms to industry standards such as ASTM C 94.

Clear Expectations. The NRMCA plant certification program provides a clear outline and expectations to the owner of the plant, the specifying authority and the inspecting engineer of the minimum standards for concrete production facilities. Since the program is developed and maintained by industry members for the industry, the requirements are fair and achievable. Plant owners can plan to ensure that all necessary plant and truck components and production processes are in place prior to an inspection, thereby minimizing downtime and associated costs.

Quality Focus. It provides a means for identifying best practices for materials management, batching process and for monitoring production processes for optimum quality. The certification offers a discipline for management and production employees to ensure scale and batching accuracy on defined periods for all measuring devices with a goal to produce and deliver uniform concrete. This allows for non-conforming product to be identified and corrected before it is delivered to the customer.

Benchmarks for Efficiency. It provides a means for companies to measure and improve their production efficiency while maintaining quality. Benchmarks might include material inventory, batching accuracy, product performance consistency and productivity targets. Better control on these aspects represents huge savings for the company.

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Personnel Training. The certification provides one part of a quality system that provides plant managers an important tool to train production and quality control employees by documenting the reasons and benefits of the various requirements in the Plant Certification Check List. The company benefits from a third-party audit that can impart new ideas for improvement.

Cost Effective. Companies have considerable potential for savings on ingredient materials waste by monitoring scale accuracy and batching records; reduced product rejection and product liability claims; increased new and return business with purchasers who demand quality; and reduced time dealing with alternative undefined local inspections.


Marketing. "NRMCA certified" demonstrates value to the customer. It can be used in a company's marketing programs to stand above the competition. Companies with certified plants ensure that they have a higher chance when bidding on jobs that require NRMCA certification. NRMCA lists certified plants on their website that can be found by new and existing customers.



The commitment by a company to obtain certification requires an investment of personnel time and money to ensure that the systems are in place and are maintained; and the cost for the inspection and certification. It allows the company to budget for necessary quality processes and improvements. The costs, however, are more than offset by the benefits it provides. The question is why would a company not certify their plants!


For more information on NRMCA's Plant Certification program please CLICK HERE.




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