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NRMCA's Government Affairs Department places the industry's needs at the forefront of the legislative and regulatory agenda. We work to inform representatives about the issues that are important to you and your employees. However, as a constituent, you can have the greatest impact on your legislator. 


By exploring our advocacy section, you can learn about the issues currently being debated in Congress, which parts of our industry are being regulated, and what you can do in our effort to
influence the legislative process. Please contact us should you have any questions.



News Round-Up for the Week of:

July 5 – July 9, 2010



Climate Change:

CBO boosts climate bill

                Source: Politico

Kerry-Lieberman would see lower US CO2 price than predecessors: CBO

                Source: Platts

Investor Climate Resolutions Climb Nearly 50% in 2010

                Source: Environmental Leader

GOP candidates hit cap-and-trade, Dems label it a Portman 'flip-flop'

                Source: The Hill

'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty

                Source: CNN

Manufacturers Worry of Pitfalls From Utility-Only Climate Bill

                Source: The New York Times


Obama will urge boosting clean energy tax credit

                Source: Reuters

GOP senators' energy bill pushes nuclear power, natural gas

                Source: Miami Herald

Nuclear energy, version 3.0 — time to revisit this low-carbon energy source

                Source: The Seattle Times


AASHTO: Freight industry faces infrastructure crisis

                Source: Fleet Owner

DOT Awards $293 Million For Streetcar, Bus Projects

                Source: Engineering News-Record

Gas taxes give us a break at the pump

                Source: USA Today


Past holds lessons on design of sustainable infrastructure

                Source: Daily Commercial News and Construction Record

Builders See Increased Demand for Green Materials

                Source: Environmental Leader

Look out, asphalt — concrete's on attack

                Source: Pioneer Press

Evaluation of 100 Percent Fly Ash Concrete

                Source: Montana State University

Can the GSA Really Achieve a 'Zero Environmental Footprint'?



Heat wave: It could be worse, you could be laying asphalt

                Source: Press & Sun-Bulletin


Nuclear powers to top of the table

                Source: World Nuclear News

EPA draft clean air rule could affect future regs, Congress

                Source: The Hill

Report: U.S. Green Building Market Will Balloon to $173.5 Billion by 2015

                Source: Fast Company


Unions outspending corporations on campaign ads despite court ruling

                Source: The Washington Post

FedEx, UPS send out fleet of lobbyists to shape labor law

                Source: The Washington Post

Health Care:

Small businesses, charities face more reporting rules

                Source: USA Today

First health overhaul provisions start to kick in

                Source: The Associated Press

The Massachusetts Health-Care 'Train Wreck'

                Source: The Wall Street Journal

Healthcare: Democrats up ante

                Source: The Hill

States resist HHS premium control

                Source: Politico

Senate bill to repeal health reform lacks backing from Republican leaders

                Source: The Hill


World economic recovery driven by global imbalances

Source: The Washington Post

Unemployment, borrowing, retail sales paint mixed picture of economic recovery

                Source: The Washington Post

Federal Reserve weighs steps to offset slowdown in economic recovery

Source: The Washington Post

Construction spending drops 0.2% in May

                Source: Reed Construction Data

IMF raises world growth forecast but risks rising

                Source: The Associated Press

Economy lags as job growth remains weak

                Source: The Washington Post

Construction Spending in U.S. Falls 0.2% in May

                Source: Bloomberg

Campaign Finance:

Schumer's phony reform

                Source: New York Post

Democrats Upbeat on Campaign Finance Bill

                Source: Roll Call (Subscription)

More union disclosure woes

                Source: Politico

Government Spending:

Deficit hits $1 trillion in June for second year

                Source: The Hill

House budget plan? A dereliction of duty

Source: The Washington Post

Republican budget hawks boost Obama’s bipartisan deficit panel

                Source: The Hill

Legal Issues:

Construction misclassification soon to end



Manchin says he'll announce Senate intentions Monday, run likely

                Source: Politico

Democrats' Biggest Challenge

                Source: National Journal

Pulling back the curtain on redistricting

                Source: The Washington Post

GOP's Steele: 'I ain't going anywhere'

                Source: The Hill

The year of 'no comment'

                Source: Politico

Democrats digging harder than ever for dirt on Republicans

                Source: The Washington Post

House GOP to make jobs a priority

                Source: The Hill

Many Republican leaders bypassing RNC chief Steele ahead of midterms

                Source: The Washington Post

RNC foresees big cuts for voter drives

                Source: The Washington Times

Unstable Senate a challenge for Democrats

                Source: Politico

Democratic campaign committees losing big Wall Street donors

                Source: The Washington Post

The GOP's passion problem

                Source: Politico

Danger for Democrats as economy slows

                Source: Politico

Democrats hope Obama 2008 model will help stem midterm losses

                Source: The Washington Post



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via email, please contact NRMCA’s Kevin Walgenbach at








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