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Plant and Truck Certification Program

Information for Inspectors & Assistants


Qualification Requirements


As of January 1, 2009, NRMCA has established the following requirements for persons inspecting concrete production facilities for the NRMCA Certification Program.


  1. Obtain a Plant Inspectors Guide and Qualification Package - $100, plus shipping and handling - contact Karen Bean at

  2. Complete a review of the Guide and answer the review questions provided in the Guide Package on the Answer to Review Questions and Pledge Form (a minimum score of 75% is required). Do not return the review questions.

  3. Review the policy on revoking approval. Sign the form associated with acknowledging the policy and the pledge to perform inspections.

  4. Complete the Contact Information Form, including a listing of all states you are licensed.

  5. Complete a Statement of Qualifications. A separate form is provided for professional engineers and assistants.

  6. Send completed forms by mail to Karen Bean, NRMCA, 900 Spring Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910; or scanned copies by e-mail to:

After reviewing the forms, NRMCA will notify you of your approval and provide an ID number that should be included on all future submissions of completed inspection checklists.

NOTE:  NRMCA will not process any Plant Certification Checklist if an engineer or an engineer’s assistant is not an NRMCA approved inspector.


Reapproval Process – March 2015


Due to significant revisions to the Plant Inspector’s Guide all previously approved inspectors are strongly encouraged to purchase a current copy of the Guide dated February 2015.
Previously approved inspectors (engineers and assistants) are required to update their contact information. Download this file and return the completed file to Karen Bean. A copy of the 12th revision will be sent after the form is received.


Electronic Checklist (version 7-17-2017) – July 2017

As of July, 2017, NRMCA has issued an electronic checklist. Print and electronic versions will be accepted during a transitional period. After October 31, 2017, only the electronic checklist will be accepted by email.

To obtain a copy of the current Plant Certification Checklist:
Contact NRMCA's Karen Bean, by email: or by phone at 240-485-1168.

Use this Payment Information Form to summarize the payment information and return with the completed documents with the request for certification.


Other Requirements:

  • The engineer should be licensed in the state where the plant is located.

  • The engineer is permitted to use an assistant under his/her employ to conduct the physical inspection. The assistant shall have completed the qualification. It is not permitted to use an assistant employed by the company if the engineer does not work for the company.

  • It is permitted for a licensed engineer employed by the company seeking certification to conduct the inspection.

NOTE:  For ready mixed concrete plants furnishing concrete to North Carolina and South Carolina, the state DOTs have a different qualification procedure for inspectors and their assistants.
For more information, contact the Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association (704-717-9199).



Acknowledgement and Pledge:

By signing this statement, I state that I have reviewed the contents of the NRMCA Plant Inspectors Guide and that I understand the certification policies and procedures. I also acknowledge that I have read the policy for revocation of approval to inspect plants for the NRMCA program.
I HEREBY PLEDGE I will conduct plant inspections for the NRMCA Certification of Ready Mixed Concrete Facilities in accordance with the intent and guidance provided and will maintain the ethical and professional integrity of the certification program. I will immediately notify NRMCA if I discover that I no longer meet the requirements of the certification policies and procedures for whatever reason.

NRMCA Policy for Revocation of Approval of Plant Inspectors and Assistants

The credibility of the NRMCA Certification Program, to the concrete producer and the entity requiring certification, is established by the thoroughness and attention to detail of the inspection performed by the Inspector or Assistant. Approval of individuals to perform inspections for the NRMCA plant and truck certification program comes with the responsibility of being diligent, thorough, fair and unbiased. The following policy has been established:



NRMCA reserves the right to revoke the approval status of inspectors and assistants for the plant certification program. Reasons can include, but are not limited to:

  • Refusal to comply with NRMCA policies and inspection procedures;
  • Repeated lack of adherence to policies, procedures and requirements for inspection;
  • Falsely stating compliance with audit requirements - verified by NRMCA
  • Revocation of license by state licensing board for PEs
  • Using inspection assistants not approved by NRMCA or not in the employ of approved inspector
  • Performing potentially biased inspections for companies due to a verifiable conflict of interest – PEs employed by the company are not considered a conflict of interest unless there is evidence that the inspection is compromised.
  • Notification by entities (specifying bodies) requiring NRMCA certification on inadequacy of inspection by a particular individual or company – a review with the inspector will be conducted.

NRMCA will notify the approved individual of the intent to revoke approval status. The individual can request a review of the decision to revoke by providing documentation supporting his/her challenge. The review shall be conducted by a 3-member task group of the NRMCA RES Committee. All steps will be taken to ensure that the 3-member task group has no ties to the individual or the company in question. Further appeals shall be addressed by the President of the NRMCA.









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