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Plant and Truck Certification Program

Facts, Stats, & Additional Information


The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) administers a certification program for ready mixed concrete plants and delivery vehicles which ensures that these facilities are in compliance with industry standards and are capable of furnishing quality concrete. The inspection is conducted by a licensed professional engineer, approved by NRMCA, who goes through a thorough checklist during the inspection process. Below are some important at-a-glance facts about the program.


  • Administered since 1966, this program verifies that the production facility

    complies with the requirements of industry standards such as ASTM C94, AASHTO M157, concrete plant manufacturers, and concrete truck mixer manufacturers.

  • Includes inspection checklists for both the concrete production facility and the delivery fleet.

  • The current version of the inspection checklist is the 12th revision.

  • Ensures that the facility is "physically capable of furnishing good-quality concrete.”

  • The NRMCA Technical Committee constantly reviews specifications to ensure that the certification is in compliance with updated standards.

  • A licensed professional engineer inspects the concrete plant, and certification is valid for 2 years.

  • The delivery fleet is required to be inspected and certified on an annual basis. Fleet inspection can be conducted by the company, subject to audit by the inspecting engineer.

  • The company official signs an agreement to maintain the facility and accuracy of measuring devices in compliance for the duration of the certification.

  • The certification of production facilities is one part of a company’s quality system.

  • The program provides a means for a ready mixed concrete company’s personnel to understand the basic industry standards and requirements to produce ready mixed concrete.

  • It provides ready mixed concrete companies a goal to ensure that production facilities are in good operational order and to benchmark their quality goals.

  • The requirements to verify accuracy of their batching systems ensures the production of uniform concrete and serves to ensure that inventories of ingredients are properly maintained with minimized waste.

  • Meets objective of multiple AASHTO quality assurance and specification guides: QA-501 .03U for pavements; QA-621 .03C for structures; 106.05 for plant inspections; and Division II, Section 8.5 for manufacture of concrete.

  • More than 10 state highway agencies, US Army Corps of Engineers, several commercial owners and national design firms invoke the requirement for NRMCA certification of production facilities in their project specifications.

  • The program is recognized in ACI 301, Specification for Structural Concrete and the AIA MasterSpec.

  • NRMCA maintains a list of about 300 approved inspectors or assistants.


Sections Addressed in the Checklist

  1. Material Storage and Handling, including cement, aggregates, water and admixtures.

  2. Batching Equipment including scales, weigh batchers, volumetric batching devices for water, dispensers for liquid admixtures, accuracy of plant batching, batching systems, and recorders.

  3. Central Mixer

  4. Ticketing System (which is required to qualify for Certification)

  5. Delivery Fleet, including truck mixers, agitators, non-agitating units and a summary of fleet condition in which over 90% must be acceptable to qualify for certification.

Requirements and policy for the program are established by the NRMCA Research Engineering and Standards (RES) Committee. These are kept updated as standards and needs change. All policies and revisions are approved by the NRMCA Board of Directors.



Plant Inspector's Guide


The Plant Inspector’s Guide instructs the inspector on the intent of requirements of the certification program. It ensures that the intent of each inspection item is clear to both the inspector and to the producer owning the plant or delivery vehicle.

The guide is used as a basis to qualify and approve inspectors to conduct plant inspections. The inspector can use an assistant under his/her charge to conduct the physical inspection, followed by a review and attestation to its accuracy. The inspecting engineer of record should be a licensed professional engineer in the state where the plant is located.




Include this language in your specs A sign of sound planning!


Suggested language for inclusion in Standards and Specifications for Concrete Production
Facility Certification:


“The production facility supplying hydraulic cement concrete shall have a current Certification of Ready

Mixed Concrete Production Facilities from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, or equivalent.”







This program is flexible and evolving. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.




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